I have been procrastinating this post for a long time now, I was supposed to publish it last year September but I kept postponing it, eventually I dumped it in my draft and later deleted it.

Ya! Too bad.

If you’ve ever waited until the last minute or second to finish up a task just before the deadline, then you are guilty as charged just like me.

Procrastination is to avoid doing important tasks and focusing on a lesser and more pleasurable task. It happens mostly at the last minute before a deadline. A procrastinator’s best friend may be social media, electronic gadgets or food.

I remember when I didn’t finish my semester’s registration on time phew I passed through hell that period. Something that my mates did without stress I had to use 3 days to finish, at a point I was asked to suspend for that semester which is one thing one could dread most. Attending 8am – 6pm lectures, doing assignments and being stressed out everyday and you ain’t allowed to write the examination because you kept procrastinating what you should have done on time. It causes anxiety, stress and possibly shame. It is that bad.

But why do we procrastinate? 

Just like a disease, you can’t find the remedy except you know the cause of the disease. So to conquer procrastination, we must first of all know the reasons we procrastinate. The reasons we procrastinate may vary but they all revolve round these:

1. Laziness

2. Being overconfident

3. The ‘I don’t care’ feeling

4. Lack of motivation

5. Fear of being incompetent

Funny enough most people just procrastinate for the sake of doing so and not because of the reasons above. But let me share this goodnews with you, there are strategies to overcome anxiety and procrastination. Get started! Mind you it’s going to be so easy while you are reading it here but you need to put in effort to make it work in reality. Life needs action.

Create a plan. When you have a plan, you will be mindful of the time you have and you will also set priorities. You know that this is what you hope to achieve within this period of time. Get involved with the most important tasks first and if there is time, you can then indulge in the less important ones.

Stick to the plan. It is not hard to create a plan, the problem is do we stick to the plan we’ve created?

Separate your goals into pieces. It is easier to achieve your goals when they don’t look too big, scary and overwhelming. So even if your goal looks impossible, tackle it one step at a time and you wouldn’t even realize when you’ve finished it. But a heavy task or goal is easy to procrastinate.

Create a reward for success. For each goal you have achieved, reward yourself with something. I remember when I was given a book to read and review in school, the book was too bulky, so I bought a packet of biscuit, divided the book into parts. After every part I eat a piece of the biscuit, it was easier to finish the book that way. You see when you look forward to getting a reward to a task, it makes you eager to finish it.

Put away fear. Fear is a dangerous emotion, when it attacks you, it binds you and dumps you in the darkest pit. If you are afraid of being incompetent, try to think of the dangers of associated with not performing or completing those tasks at all, in some cases it could even be worse. So put away fear and be brave.

Start now. I see someone who is ready to step out of his or her comfort zone after reading this. How far you go doesn’t really matter right now inasmuch as you are ready to stretch forth in that direction. So get up and take that step now and every other steps will follow.

How do you overcome procrastination? Be kind enough to share those personal tips that work best for you with everyone in the comment section.

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