What My Nickname Is And Why I Choose It

Happy new month and happy worker’s day lovelies.

It’s another fresh month again and I have decided to start it with this: The Nickname post. I bet we all have a nickname… okay even if you don’t have one now but you once had one.

I remember the first nickname I had, like the one I gave myself. It was ‘Meryl d scintillating girl’ Jeez!

It sounds so childish now. I got Meryl from a name dictionary and since my name is Maryanne, I thought Meryl could fit me better as a nick, and the scintillating thing? I saw it in a novel, it sounded so cool and I flipped through my dictionary to check the meaning.

‘To give off sparks, twinkle or glow’ was what I read. It was charming so I had to attach it to Meryl, that was how I got my first nickname.

My friends had a good laugh of me when they saw it on my books 😮 then I gave up on it and decided to stick to just Meryl.

A lot of people knew me as that cause I used it as my 2go username those days 2go was trending. I wrote it on the walls of our school, you know all those ‘Meryl was here’ kind of thing we do in high schools 😉

I apparently bore the nick for a long time even when I left high school, most of my classmates and friends till call me that, though I’m not bearing that any longer.

The next nickname I got was Señorita. Where and how I came up with that, don’t ask cause I do not know. All I know is that it is a Spanish word meaning Miss or Lady. I was bearing a title as a nick. I loved it back then, it was classy to me lol.

Then I dumped it…

I was tired of bearing those dictionary names. I needed a nickname that could relate to real name. After so much thoughts I came up with the idea of shortening Maryanne Theodore, at first Anne Tee, Tee because Theodore starts with T but it wasn’t a nice combo.

I love the name Annie so it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I bear Annie Tee – that’s it. I got my nickname.

I don’t think of dumping this one cause I love it, you need to see the way I swing my neck anytime I hear someone scream Annie! Even if it wasn’t me that was been called.

I got my graphic design brand name also from the nick and I use it on mostly all my social media platforms as my username and a lot of my friends and course mates know me as Annie Tee.

What’s the meaning of your nickname and why did you choose it? My comment box is accommodating. Share it with me.


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  2. Crazy Pea says:

    My nick is Crazypea, yes because I am crazy and pea because I’m Peter

  3. Cirphrank is a pun. Don’t want to start explaining now least it end up seeming like I barged, for I won’t be able to write it all (the meaning) and I won’t be able to without leaving complications.

    Click my profile to get a sneak peek on gravatar though.

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