[Val’s Promo] DXB Casuals Is Here For The Classic Man

DXB Casuals

Dxb Casuals is a fashion firm established to promote men with love for classic and quality fashion. The company has acquired excellent requirement to run a MOBILE SHOP and intends to provide a suitable upscale FASHION FIRM to draw in the company’s main target. The company seek to provide its customers with the maximum number of services to create the greatest sales volume during the company’s peak hours of operation.

DXB Casuals has a comprehensive marketing, advertising, and promotion campaign that will maximize word-of-mouth marketing and will consist of printed materials, and discounts. The company is offering its products at a slightly lower price than that of its competitors. This is to provide credibility to its clients as an upscale establishment that provides a unique men accessories.

At its initial stages, Dxb Casuals is a sole proprietorship. We will move up to incorporate as recommended by our attorney later, based on growth of the business and conditions as they arise.

* Vintage Ties
* Metal and wool designed Bow Ties
* Gold and Silver Brouches
* Metal and Curtain Lappel Roses
 * Gold and Silver Rings
* Gold plated Wrist Watches
* Suspenders
* Quality Underwears
* Sun shade
* Silver and Gold Hand bangles
* Customized polos
* Customized gifts with inscription.

DXB Casuals

DXB Casuals

Men's fashion

Thanks for your audience and usual cooperation, we will be glad to receive any form of suggestions and advice.

Hotline: +234 – 701 – 8186 – 134
Mail: saviourudohxb@yahoo.com

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