Home sweet home!
No place like home!

If I can remember vividly, I’ve been in school for like 1…2…yes two months away from home and away from mum and dad.

And since I resumed, have been attending lectures, doing assignments, carrying out practicals, running helter skelter from one place to the other and all those school work…phew! Its been fun though.

December came!

Most schools had closed a long time ago but I was still in school because they decided fix our break 2 days to Christmas day.

I’ve been waiting patiently for this day, attending lectures with sighs and most times when the lecturers do not show up, I’ll be like “Why didn’t they allow us to go?”, hey do not give me that look, if you were in my shoes, I bet, you’ll say same.

And finally today has arrived, I had just one lecture. Have packed up my stuff and I’m ready to go home! But its so sad that the break is too short, just a week to stay at home, anyways… that doesn’t matter inasmuch as I’m a week away from lectures, practicals and tests, yah. I have already planned how I’m going to spend the holiday and I know it’s just going to be fun fun all the way!

Uniuyo see you next year

Home sweet home…here I come!

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