Hello there!

This is me… My name is Maryanne Theodore and mostly known as Annie Tee on my different online platforms and by my friends.

A teen from Akwa Ibom State, a Christian, a melancholic but not the perfectionist type.

I’m studying Microbiology in University of Uyo, Nigeria and I design graphics as well though I’m not really a pro but with the basics I learned, I can create some awesome designs.

There are 3 unpublished books which I have written, one in primary school and the other 2 while I was in secondary school.

They have to be seriously worked on if need be that I publish them.

Today I become a blogger just by starting this blog and writing this post. There are a lot of things I need to learn.

My friend’s brother suggested that I create a blog and here is it.

One day I’ll get to specifically write on why I started this blog.

Good enough I discovered my passion for Literature right from my first year in high school, and I know I love to write.

Though my dad complains of how I waste money on buying books to write gibberish, but he is yet to come to the terms that they ain’t gibberish at all.

I remember how I cried in my second year in senior class, lol it’s still fresh in my memory, because I was asked to study Geography instead of Literature.

My teacher had put in Geography when she was paying my school fees, and I was asked to study that, I kept disturbing the teacher that assigned our the classes till he changed it for me.

It’s amusing right? That’s how much I loved Literature.

And I hope that this blog will help improve my writing skills so that I can work on those books I had drafted.

Today marks the beginning of a great journey and you know I cannot do it just by myself.

I want you to try as much as possible to visit this blog every day, tell other people about it, comment and give your suggestions too either on the comment box or via my email. Thanks

I remain Maryanne Theodore

Xo Xo

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My name is Maryanne Theodore. I create content inspired and curated by my personal experiences and daily activities as a lifestyle entrepreneur which leaves you inspired and motivated to face life.

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