Of recent, I find it hard to see the positive side of things and get motivated, which is very unlike me not to talk about things I’m grateful for in life everyday.

It could possibly be because of the stress that comes with the new responsibilities that have been left for me, which I’m trying to get acquainted with.

There are days when everything seems to be blank, when all your efforts are not producing results. When you only feel like locking yourself in your room, away from the world. Not very nice days.

I’m sure you understand the kind of days I’m talking about. Probably you’ve had those kind of days as well, at least once in a while. Or am I the only one? Possibly not.

The thought from Gratitude App today, a friend of mine uses it and I got the inspiration from him to use it as well.

I realized that it’s been a while since I thanked the Universe for the gifts in life, those things I have, that I once prayed or didn’t pray for, the little things that gives me joy and makes me smile when I think about them. That makes my face shine!

Things like having a family who loves and looks out for you, following your dreams and heart desires, remembering special moments of your life you’ve had with good people, or when someone has helped you to learn one or two things.

These are things to be grateful for, but most of the times, I let negativity barrier me from admiring and appreciating them. Today I’ve decided to create this list and share it with you. The 12 things I’m grateful for everyday in life.

1. My family

I am grateful for my family. Nothing comes before family. I’ve been blessed with a family that not only loves me but also supports me.

My parents

They did not stop at bringing me to the world but they do their best to make sure I get the necessities I need and I’m grateful.

My siblings

They are very annoying and stubborn and they make my pretty head ache, but when I remember that these are the people I prayed to have some years ago, I look at them now and all I do is smile.

My friends

I’m also grateful for friends who have turned family, those who have been with me and known my flaws yet stick closer everyday. People who were there to calm my fears in times of anxiety and also share and rejoice in my winnings. I consider them family and I’m thankful for having them at every stage of my life.

You see, most of the times the good things in life are not things, but the people who make you feel loved and cared for.

2. Education

The opportunity to be educated is something most people yearn for, I don’t mean only having to be in the four walls of a school.

Though at times I underrate this opportunity, but today I realize that education has paved the way to envision and actualize my dreams.

3. Freedom of Religion

Being able to worship God however, whenever, wherever I want without persecution is something most people do not experience.

4. Learning from my mistakes and challenges

If I never made mistakes, I wouldn’t have much to learn, and challenges that have built my character and personality, so it’s one of those things I’m thankful for.

5. Having a home

There is nothing that feels better than having a roof over my head and a warm home to return to even after having a long day or when it’s cold and windy outside.

Not only having a home but a warm bed to sleep on, it’s so easy to take it for granted until you don’t have one.

6. Ability to read and write

Just being able to write and read this post is enough reason to be grateful. The ability to learn new things means I have endless potentials.

7. Access to the internet

It’s a part of everyday life, I agree. But it’s amazing. I’ve lost count of the things I have been able to learn because I can access the internet. I have added new skills because of what people share online. Recently, I completed a course on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies by Harvard Business School, that was only possible because I have access to it online.

Not to forget, you are reading this from me because of the internet and I have been able to share this and many other things I’ve learned since I started this blog four years ago with you.

I’ve not even mentioned countless opportunities to connect with like-minded people from different parts of the world.

8. My electronic gadgets

Without the electronic gadgets, I wouldn’t have access to the internet I mentioned. So the things I learned, these gadgets served as the tools to have access to the information. They have also made it easy to connect with my family, friends and people who have impacted in me that I have never and may never meet.

9. Freedom of speech

Being able to express my opinions and talk about my experiences freely is something I wouldn’t take for granted.

10. Beautiful eyesight

My eyes allows me to see the beauty of the world. To be able to read, see beautiful people and places.

11. My creative mind

I may not be the most creative person. I may not even be creative to you. But, being able to think, recollect, and solve problems for myself and other people sure makes life easier and I won’t take it for granted.

12. Life itself

Being alive. I have this moment and hopefully many years still to experience and live life to the fullest. It’s an amazing thing to be grateful for.

They might be very simple and underrated but they make me feel good about myself and I hope it will make you look at your own life and see the things that make you feel good everyday.

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My name is Maryanne Theodore. I create content inspired and curated by my personal experiences and daily activities as a lifestyle entrepreneur which leaves you inspired and motivated to face life.

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