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The Month of May…Workers’ Day

May month messages

You are welcome to the new month – the month of May. Let’s slip the new month into gear. Today is May 1st and is celebrated as Workers’ day in Nigeria or you can call it Labour day or May day – a day specially kept aside to celebrate workers and labourers, so it’s definitely a public holiday – no work, no school.


My plan was to write about places in Nigeria you can go to celebrate the day but I have been experiencing writer’s block for some time now or is it just laziness, I don’t really know.  When I woke up this morning I thought I should wish you a happy new month, I could get inspired by doing that, so here am I officially saying “Happy New Month”

One of the workers’ day messages sent to me this morning stated that

'a man isn't paid for having a head and hands, he is paid for using them' Click To Tweet

that is really true and I will be using that to run this month, you should use it as well, that’s why I’m sharing it. In the month of April, I got some posts from two writers which I will be sharing from tomorrow, you should look forward to them.

Finally, salute to all those who are working and hustling every day to make life better, I praise your skills and creative minds, you deserve an accolade, and I want to give you the assurance that tomorrow will be greater than yesterday and today put together.


If you have any new month or workers’ day wish for me, drop it in the comment box. Remember to make good use of the public holiday, have a fulfilling day… much love from Tee