Happy Sunday beautiful people! I woke up this morning hoping it was not going to be a rainy day as the days before, rainy days can be so cold, dull and always seem like the hand of the clock is moving faster than normal.

The alarm rang by 5:00am as usual but as I picked up my phone, I realized it was a Sunday morning, not one of those days I have to get up so early, and prepare for my Champion breweries industrial training.

I decided to sleep a little longer and that’s how I ended up waking by 8:03am. I got prepared for service and decided to take some shots: something I hardly do these days. I don’t know why but I just lost my flare for snapping pictures.

Service was such an inspiring one, it was an Entrepreneurial service, the first of its kind in Victory chapel main campus, Uniuyo. The church had decided to come up with it to enhance students to think outside the box.

I bet you I learned from it and I know those that attended the service with me had two or three things to go back with. In case you are eager to know what I learned, I will gladly share few with you. I learned that:

• to think outside the box means to think differently, to think unconventionally.

• I should break out of the entitlement mentality

• I should rethink my value, consumption money and financial principle

• I should be futuristic in my spending

• I should think about what I’ll be doing after school and not where I’ll work and most importantly

• I should learn to save at least 20% of my income.

Kudos to Pastor David Fadeyi, he handled everything perfectly backing up each points with Bible references.

The service really elevated my entrepreneurial spirit. And even if you didn’t have an opportunity to be there at least you can learn from the points I’ve stated. When I got back I thought it nice to share it with you then I came up with this post.

Hope you like it and will share it with someone else. The sun is high up in the sky and the day is such a lovely one.

I know the week will not only be a lovely too but will be an inspiring one as well because I started the week inspired.

Have a blessed week beautiful people.

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