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Spitting in Public…Who else feels Irritated about it?

I don’t know what makes people think that spitting in public is okay especially on roads where people pass by.

I remember I was taught in primary school how bad it is to spit in public. And the whole thing is increasing by day instead of diminishing.

I know how I feel when I’m walking on the street and all I’m seeing is spits, it is not only disgusting but also irritating.

Most times I have to set my eyeballs on the ground in order not to step into someone’s spit which is usually littered around.

Like yesterday, I boarded a taxi and while we were waiting for the traffic light, a man opened his car door and poured out his saliva on the road gross and he didn’t even feel bad about it, however he does not realise the kind of diseases he might possibly transmit by that certain act.

These few days that I’ve walked down Aka road here in Uyo, my eyes have seen enough including people who find it so comfortable to stop by the roadside and urinate, let me not go into that side, that’s a post for another day.

The road is particularly littered with spits that I wonder apart from myself if it’s only pregnant women that pass there. In fact even pregnant women do not spit that way cause I know a good number of them go about with a container that they carefully spit into when they feel like, which will be carefully discarded at the appropriate place.

We all know that Tuberculosis popularly called TB is spread from one person to another through the air and when people with TB cough, sneeze and spits, they release the infectious bacteria into the air and people who unfortunately get to inhale even a few of this are infected.

I know I’m not the only one that feels irritated about it, someone out there do feel same. Please save yourself, my humble self, everyone around you, the world and stop spitting recklessly in public most especially on the road.


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  1. Kenneth Nwakanma says:

    I hate it when people spit in public, especially if it is right in front of me.

    Someone could be on a speed lane while driving, the next thing you'd see is saliva flying out and scattering all over the place. Decency is lacking when it comes to public affairs in human nature.

  2. It is seriously getting out of hand, even those you thought are mature do spit anyhow in public.
    Thanks for your comment

  3. The most annoying part is most of them don't take correction..

  4. Chinedu Ozulumba says:

    Spiting is intolerable, it's equivalent to urinating in public. Even a pregnant woman that has course to do that does it in her spiting cup. I think it is indecent and your article will surely give everyone that does it a second thought.

  5. I have witnessed a scenario where a lady walked up to a man to tell him what he did was wrong but the only thing the man could say was 'Mind your business'

  6. Thanks for your comment, I do hope they read this and think twice before doing it

  7. I also feel its not right

  8. Definitely not right dear. Thanks for your comment

  9. Vogue Crafts says:

    I also feel it's not right seriously it's bad habit. Vogue Crafts and Designs

  10. It's getting worse cause most people that do it do not see it as a bad habit.

  11. Oh lord! I despise spitting in public and it has always disgusted me to no end. Are you a llama/alpaca or some other animal? What disregard for the environment. Honestly If I was a legislator I would make it a crime for people to spit, with flogging being the punishment or a hefty fine.. lol but seriously It's highly irritating!

  12. Ya, there are some countries where you pay a certain amount of money as fine if you're caught spitting in public. Atleast if that can be constituted in Nigeria I guess people wouldn't just open their mouth in public and let spit escape out. Thanks for your comment Amaka

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