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Soar Higher Like The Eagle


Happy weekend to you dear, hope you had a lovely week and a wonderful September as well. It’s been long we read something inspiring here so today being the last day of the month let’s look at something inspiring to help us get into the new month together.

During the week I came across a question on Facebook that goes thus: If you were to be an animal which will you choose to be? I thought about it a bit and I went for an eagle, that discussion is what inspired this post today. So we will be using the eagle as a case study. You may be thinking an eagle? Why an eagle of all animals but along the line you will see why I went for an eagle.

You see an eagle is one extraordinary bird. It possesses great strength and skill. And for the Americans the eagle is the symbol of their country – a symbol of bravery, beauty, courage and determination. Now we will have to know the characteristics of an eagle, there is something majestic that we can learn from this bird.

  1. The eyes of an eagle
    Did you know that the eagles’ eyes are extremely powerful, and are 3.6 times sharper than that of human, these enables them to spot potential prey from a very long distance. Not only can they spot preys but enemies as well by this they can keep the enemies away from their nests, called ‘eyries’. This characteristic should ring a bell in your mind, it doesn’t mean you should go fix the eyes of an eagle rather what this means is VISION – having dreams and aspirations for the future. Vision is an important trait you must possess in order to become great. No matter how overwhelmed and unfulfilled you feel you should always keep your vision intact.
2. Eagles love the storm
An eagle can detect when the storm is near. When the storm finally hits it set its wings and flies into it then uses the wind of the storm to rise higher in a matter of seconds so when the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring higher and above. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Who sees storms, trials and walks majestically into it?

This is a great lesson, challenges in our lives may be many, probably all the things you planned for September, you haven’t being able to achieve them and you’re feeling unfulfilled already. No you don’t have to but you should know that when you are experiencing storms in your life, just like the eagle you too can rise above it.

  1. They are aggressive
    This doesn’t mean you should be aggressive towards someone, before you say it was Maryanne that wrote on her blog that you should be aggressive. You see when you’re sick and tired of something there is an emotion you express – some express weakness while others express aggression. You should be aggressive towards a bad and stagnant situation and that should push you into looking for positive means to change it. Just like the eagle be aggressive and strive to make things that went wrong in your life gets better.

  2. Eagles never surrenders
    An eagle never surrenders to the size or strength of its prey or enemy. It will always fight to win its prey or regain its territory, preying on _____ much larger than itself. Another big lesson here, no matter the size of your challenge, do not surrender, you do not go on your knees; telling the challenges to deal with you the way it likes, you face your storms till they can’t come near you any longer especially if it is to fight for what you cherish and passionate about.

If you’re reading this line it means you must have gone through everything, so tell me wouldn’t it be great to soar like the eagle? I can see you smiling and nodding right now. Yeah…it can’t happen in a day, I don’t even expect it to, so take your time. Bit remember that the storms will always approach do not let it rage you down. As we enter the new month set your wings and soar higher above your storms.

Have you gotten any lesson from this post? Let’s talk about it in the comment box. Have a lovely day.