Definitely! Let’s say you are on a very tight budget and you need the best way to save money, consider staying in a hostel.

These days many people are joining the students and backpackers who are staying in hostels all around the globe. 

However, there are some important details to consider.

Is it comfortable staying in the hostel?

The comfort and quality varies widely from hostel to hostel, but they are another option for a traveller on a budget compared to hotels. 

The truth is you will probably be sharing spaces with several people, usually of the same gender, but if you are on a budget, it is your best way to save money. 

It can be very rare to have private bathrooms or almost impossible and you may have to walk down a hall to reach the bathroom and toilet. 

In most cases, you will be asked to provide your own bedding and personal towels which are definitely things you shouldn’t share with everyone. Laundry facilities will always be available. 

In some cases, breakfast will be included in your hostel package but some hostels have kitchens where you can prepare simple meals.

But if the case is different, you have to walk into a canteen everyday to buy meals at an affordable price. 

Always reserve a room ahead of time especially if it’s a school hostel. Do not wait for a last-minute vacancy, no matter how many times you have stayed at your favourite hostel. 

Always be prepared for emergencies. By that I mean having some extra cash in reserve for unexpected circumstances. If possible, leave your original documents where it’s safe and travel with the photocopies except it’s necessary. 

Hostels are cheap, safe and secure, you don’t have to overlook them – even if you don’t belong to the group of young backpackers. 

If you are an adventurous person and like meeting new people, staying in a hostel can be a great getaway.

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