Guest post

Plight of the Labourer

The labourers plight by Baritudor Siedoma

The evening has never looked more beautiful, radiant moon light coming in though the window and the beautiful silk curtain that hang on it.

The room itself was filled with even more glamour, in it was the best of everything; sparkling lights, music, food, wines, clothing, jewelleries, furniture and even people, everyone who was someone was present tonight.

This much splendour has never been seen in one place.

But nothing compared to her man, dressed in a tuxedo she had picked herself, his red bow tie perching elegantly on his white shirt, the spotlight was on him tonight, it was his coronation today, everybody was here for him, all the dazzle was for him.

From her seat at the corner she watched him, the beaming smile on his face as he returned each smile with a wider smile, ladies all over him, planting subtle kisses on both cheeks; he looked in her direction waved and smiled sheepishly like a child.

His smile clouded her thoughts with memories back to the time when the only thing he had was this smile and the only person he had was her.

She was his everything – literally, his mom, his girlfriend, his wife, his brother, his father, his sister and every other thing there was to be, he had them but they surrendered him to her so she played the roles and she played them well.

It was on this her very two laps he buried his head in tears and shame whenever life beat him and it was with this same lips she spoke greatness into him, it was her breast he suckled, it’s milk giving him strength.

Everything he is today it was her who moulded and everything he isn’t it was her who casted away. He knew this, the world might not know but between them both they knew the truth.

Today the world is his, he finally had their attention and she had taught him how to keep it. Whispers flew around, wanting to know who this man was, how he had achieved so much and who would sit by his side as he reigned supreme. Few spoke of the woman who manned the sails and rowed his boat to this island.

He stood there still and calm just as she had prepared him, they couldn’t get enough of him, left, right, centre they were reaching at him from all sides, she smiled back.

Her job was done, a man had been born from nothing and they were both been rewarded for it, she now has expensive oils to massage the scars on her hands from years of hard labour and sweet smelling perfumes to conceal the smell of sweat and turmoil that has remained from those years out on the field.

But that was not the goal, she didn’t build a man for the perfumes, oils and silk and linen fabrics; she built a man who would be fit to sit at the world’s Apex only so she could sit by his side as his woman and accorded the rights and privileges that comes with the title.

Watching him at the podium she knew he was no longer a boy, he was now a man; and for the first time fear struck her and she wondered if she would be able to keep him, wondered if she would remain his woman and him, her man just as he has once been her boy.

Written by: Baritudor