Why You Should Own a Land in Lagos

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When considering real estate investment opportunities based on market trends, infrastructural development, industrial and residential Real Estate opportunities I consider Lagos to be the strong contender when deciding where to put money in a property as far as Africa is concerned.


Landed properties

Nigeria is fast cementing itself as one of Africa’s powerhouse, and as the economy gets ready to take off, a large number of investment opportunities are appearing across the city. 

Lagos development infrastructure and rapid urbanization are factors attracting interest from both multi-national corporations and exciting new start-ups.

The number of expatriates arriving in Lagos is also driving the growth of the city’s luxury and commercial property sectors, with demand increasing for high-end accommodation, mixed-use development, and hotels.

Owning a landed property in Lagos is one of the most viable investment and many are striving to achieve this dream but at times fall into the wrong hands.

Thinking of a trusted place to get affordable plots of land in fast developing areas of Lagos, Nigeria? 

I recommend Pospi Homes Agency – a real estate agency affiliated to several real estate companies in Nigeria. A property marketing and information agency located in Nigeria. They are into making home ownership dream a reality for all.

Their companies discover where affordable and fast developing lands are located and make these known to the public. They also show you ways of conveniently and comfortably financing your private property through a very budget friendly manner.

As a consulting TEAM in real estate offering quality, transparent choices, both in the types of services that you can receive and how those services can be paid for, with a mission to bring service, value and care to our residents. 

They strive to be the best owner of large hectares of lands within the communities they serve. At POSPI HOMES plot owners rest comfortably knowing they are in the hands of caring professionals.

VISION: To make home ownership dream a reality for all Nigerians.

MISSION: To discover affordable lands in fast developing areas and make them available to you.

Our Lands are located mostly in Lekki, Lagos and our Land rates per plot begin from 1.8million on promo and 2.5million at original price with 12 months installment available!

Our lands are located in fast developing areas in Lagos You also get a partnership gift after every purchase.

That’s how sweet we are!

For our latest offers, and how to buy connect us on:

Our website: www.pospihomes.com.ng

Twitter: twitter.com/pospihomes

Facebook: facebook.com/pospihomes

Or contact us on:




Apart from selling lands we also run a network marketing system that enable everyone to earn income handsomely selling lands and also get a chance of traveling to different countries around the world.

Pospi Homes are the best Agents to work with as far as Real Estate is concerned

Let’s put a smile on your face

Don’t miss this great opportunity!!!


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