Oriflame milk and honey scrub

Oriflame Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub Promises To Get Rid of Dark Knuckles

If you are struggling with dark areas on your body like the knuckles, elbows and the armpits in 2018 – it’s time for you to stop feeling embarrassed – ┬ácause there is a solution for you: Oriflame’s solution, in fact:

Oriflame milk & honey sugar scrub

Milk & Honey Gold smoothing Sugar Scrub is a luxury sugar scrub infused with organically sourced extracts of milk and honey and a natural origin exfoliant.

It buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft, supple and wonderfully fragrant. It helps to exfoliate and smooth your skin – believe me your skin needs a little pampering every now and then.

Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream is an ultra-indulgent, nourishing cream infused with organically sourced extracts of milk and honey.

Intensively nourishes hands and body to leave skin soft, supple, fragrant and hydrated all day.

You use it thrice a week on alternate days by applying on wet skin, gently rubbing the skin in upward circular motion for 5 minutes. Then you rinse off with water and pat your face dry.

It has a lovely fragrance and the granules are not harsh on the skin.

Oriflame milk & honey sugar scrub before & after

This is the result of someone who used the product for 4 weeks

As an Oriflame consultant, I will advise those suffering from skin tanning as well to go for this product. The scrub is suitable for all skin types.

The bad news I’m sorry to tell you is that you might not get the product at that nearest beauty shop you are thinking about right now – it can only be purchased through an Oriflame consultant.

Have you used the scrub before, what’s your take on the product? Or you know any scrub that works better for you? Do share with us in the comments below

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  1. Teenagersdiary says:

    Are there no disadvantage of the product?

    1. If you mean side effects, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The product is made with organic honey, this means no harmful chemicals are used in its production

  2. Please where can I get the product? I stay in IB

    1. You can get it from any Oriflame Service Point Office closest to you in IB.

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