Oriflame Love Potion Body Spray Review

Oriflame love potion body spray review

Hi beauties! How are you doing? Great I guess. Today I will be reviewing a product I picked from Oriflame in the fragrance section and it is – Love Potion perfumed body spray for women.

I don’t know if I still need to introduce Oriflame but for the benefit of those in the dark about the company, you can read my post to get enlightened.

I purchased some of their products to sell and Love potion body spray was among, I am writing this review after I have used the product for 3 weeks now.

Love Potion Body Spray

The product is a seductive feminine fragrance just perfect to stimulate desire and passion that leaves you feeling irresistible. It has an amazing fragrance of spicy ginger with aromas of cocoa blossom and chocolate and evidence of belonging to the woody fragrance family. The product is beautifully packaged in a long slim red bottle and a black cover.

Highlights of the product

Type: Body spray

Weight: 75ml

Price: Currently N2,690.00

Family: Woody

The product is for external use only and avoid contact with your eyes.

My experience with Oriflame Love Potion Body Spray

Oriflame Love potion body spray is well packaged in an attractive bottle which I really love.

The scents are perfectly mixed which gives it that irresistible fragrance leaving you and everyone mesmerized as you go about your daily activities.

The product has no side effects, quite affordable but it has an average life of 4 – 6 hours that means it doesn’t last.

That’s the only disappointing fact about it, if you are a girl, lady or woman that loves unique fragrances – you should go for it.

LifewithTee rating: 8.0/10

Just like Oriflame Milk and honey sugar scrub and every other Oriflame products, you can’t find it in the regular beauty stores, you can only get it from a consultant and I happen to be one.

You can also become a consultant for Oriflame in Nigeria by clicking this link to read the post. If you’re interested in the product you can let me know through the comment box or you can order it through my online shop and have it delivered to you.


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