Guest post

Nigeria My Dwelling Place

Nigeria my dwelling place

Nigeria, my dwelling place

from above, the heavenly abode looks down on you

to the peaceful woes you have become

to replicate,this you did effectively

but to reproduce,this you neglected

years back on this day,you had your independence

56 years down,we have nothing to solidly boast of.


Nigeria,my dwelling place

why don’t there exist a state where people are understanding and not so rude

why don’t there exist a society where negative influence is not the rule

why is mercy a crime and terrorism the order of the day

why have we savage our oil and let our politicians loot us with their ideas

why have we sent agriculture to doom for white collar jobs

even in our state of low infrastructures and poor education.


Nigeria, my dwelling place

we are noted for this motto “WE ARE NOT TERRORIST, WE ARE NIGERIANS’

and the motto keeps ringing without us realising

we create scares we are unaware of, and enemies without knowing

God had a reason he made some resources exist in the south and not in the north

and why some resources thrive well in the north and not in the south

so there will be an exchange of resources and PEACE WILL REIGN.


Nigeria, my dwelling place

even without earthquake,hurricanes and tornadoes

we cannot breath the air of peace

the blood of the slain innocent,hunger,domestic violence drips on us

amidst this we have a government who make rules for the people only


By: Emediong Udoudoh