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My Hostel Got Robbed Last Night

University of Uyo female hostel

I travelled home on Saturday because my dad called and was complaining that I hardly come home during the weekend. On returning to school this morning my faculty and everywhere was looking dry and I thought maybe there was a public holiday that I didn’t know about.

Immediately I entered my hostel, I saw some students gathering in groups and discussing, then I met one of my roommates and she was asking if I saw the policemen that drove out. I was a bit confuse and was wondering what policemen came to do in the hostel.

As we were talking some friends from other rooms came and were like if I was in the hostel that they would have carried me too. “What really happened?” That is what could ask. According to them, the hostel was robbed, my room in particular and one other room, that a man came in and made away with valuables like their PCs, phones. I know if I was around, my PC and my phone would have gone too. Cause for sure I would have used and kept them on my table before sleeping.

The fact is that the gen was off by 10 pm and everywhere was dark, let’s say there was light the man wouldn’t have had the gut to come in and move from one room to the other. The security isn’t tight at all and now even the hostel isn’t safe. I heard the Vice-chancellor came to the hostel and names of those that lost their properties were taken down, I hope something will be done about it.

So sad!

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