My 20th Birthday: A New Life Begins

Maryanne Theodore's birthday

I had stayed up till 12am. I wasn’t able to sleep probably because I slept throughout Sunday’s afternoon.

It was 12:13 in Nigeria when I got my first message, Ding ding it came in from my bank. “Dear M THEODORE, Happy Birthday! We wish you many more happy years ahead. Have a wonderful experience…From all of us at YourBank.” My 20th year of life has officially started.

I begun to feel depressed. I have left my teenage years in the past but why wasn’t I feeling happy about it? Why the moodiness and loss of interest? Why am I scared of adding another year? Growing old isn’t inevitable and as I get older, time keeps flying like there is something actually pursuing it. If only we could turn back time the way we turn the hand of our clocks.

Then I sat down to watch my Facebook timeline lined with birthday wishes. After some minutes of replying to the messages that came in, I switched off my phone, said my prayers and got into the bed, not because my eyelids were heavy but I needed to avoid thinking too hard.

Fast forward to 12:05pm


Today I become 20 and the weight has been lifted and the only thing that kept troubling my mind was the restaurant I should pick for I and my friends to eat out. And when we finally made up our minds, we took a drop straight to the restaurant. I have been eating cakes on my previous birthdays and I wanted it to be different this year.

When we got in, we made our orders and peacefully sat down to eat. We all had the same thing – fried rice and chicken with drinks. Just simple.

The food was delicious. After we were done gulping down our meal, we took another drop to Ibom Tropicana Entertainment  Center to see a movie but by the time we got there, the time for the movie we had in mind to see had already ended, so we had to choose from the available ones. We went into comparing the movies and finally went for Heart Beat, a Nigerian movie featuring Ruth Kadiri, Frederick Leonard and the rest. With popcorn in hand we sat down to see the movie, just the three of us and another lady behind us.

We took some shots while waiting for the movie. By the time we were done, it was already late. As we were waiting for a vehicle to take us back I decided to boot my phone which had already gone off with my friend’s power bank.

My timeline was already filled up and pouring that I couldn’t see where to put in my leg, you needed to see how messages were just entering my phone from left, right and center. My inbox was packed with lovely wishes even from those I’ve never chatted with before.



Awww the love was just too much, I was overjoyed that if you opened up my heart you will see how reddened it was. I will use this post to say thank you to each of you that took out time out of your busy schedules to send in your wishes. God bless you all.

I went back home happy, smiling and feeling so lovable cause I believe that as I have reached this milestone. Positive things will start happening. What a wonderful birthday it was with a great company. Looking forward to turning 21.




(6) Comments

  1. Kenneth Umanah says:

    Happy birthday in arrears. You looked so gorgeous

    1. Thank you Kenneth ✌

  2. Clara Peterson says:

    You don’t need to be scared, it’s just the feeling that comes with growing up. I guess other people goes through that phase as well

    1. Thank you Clara, I’ve gotten over it now after all it’s unavoidable

  3. Pospi Otuson says:

    Just hope you had a great day… I wish you everything life has to offer in this your new age 😊

    1. Yeah it was a great day. Thank you once again ☺

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