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How To Make Money With Recharge and Get Paid Right Now

How to make money online with recharge and get paid 2019

I usually use mobile banking to recharge my phones and data subscription, and my dad usually subscribe our DSTV in town until I decided to become a VTU agent through Recharge and Get Paid.

I joined Recharge and Get Paid last month and having tried the business for a month, I am convinced that it’s not scam therefore I’ve decided to share it with you guys cause it’s worth considering, if you are looking for a means to make money online in Nigeria.

What is Recharge and Get Paid all about?

It is common knowledge that no matter how broke we are, we always find ways to recharge our phones or subscribe for data bundles. Think a little and calculate the amount you’ve spent since you had your first phone or since you started subscribing data.

You can’t calculate right? Good

If you were paid commissions for all of that, you will know how much you’d have made by now.

According to NCC, Nigeria spends over N446 billion on airtime purchase, the airtime is used by you and I, not by ghosts. Data is now the new global oil and gas.

Did you know that anytime you buy N100 airtime from bank, your bank makes N5 from the telecommunication company? I bet you didn’t. And anytime you buy N100 airtime with your RAGP account, Recharge and Get Paid also makes N5 from the telecommunication company.

So what is the difference?

Good question.

The difference is that your bank takes all the profit and still charges you for SMS alert and other things when the month ends whereas Recharge and Get Paid gives you N2 and takes N3 which is shared among your uplines.

This literally means that you get paid for recharging your phone or your friend’s phone. If I were you, I will think twice before my next recharge.

Personally, I sell recharge to anyone from my phone, whether, it’s a family member, friend, neighbour or a total stranger. Anyone at all.

I simply login my RAGP account dashboard, transfer the recharge and get the cash, shikina. I don’t see any simple way to make money online other than this.

How does Recharge and Get Paid work?

Recharge and Get Paid

Recharge and Get Paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria and the business has 6 packages: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. You can get registered on any of them and can also upgrade from one package to the other. Each package comes with its own benefits.

#Plan Name / CategoriesRegistration Price
1Executive Platinum Member₦100,000
2Platinum Member₦50,000
3Diamond Member₦40,000
4Gold Member₦30,000
5Silver Member₦20,000
6Bronze Member₦10,000
7Basic Member₦5,000

Benefits for registered members

• Instant Registration Bonus – 20%.

• Instant Direct Referral Bonus – 20%.

• Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10% – 1%.

• Leadership bonus N100,000/airtime

• You get 2% or airtime you recharge and 10% of data subscription.

• You will earn from your down lines to 10 generations

When you complete the registration, you will be given access to your VTU wallet, which you can sell airtime of any Nigerian network, be it MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile even Visafone that is if it still exists, data or cable subscription (DSTV, GoTv, Startimes and PHED) to your friends or colleagues.

Anytime you perform any of the above mentioned activities, you will be paid certain percentage as commissions depending on what you do and the amount.

Whenever you refer other people to sign up under you as down line, you also get paid.

How do you register on Recharge and Get Paid?

There is a very simple way to register on Recharge and Get Paid business. All you need is your smartphone and registration fee of at least N5000, which you will get N1000 back in your ewallet.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Type in your referral code: annietee

Step 3: Complete the form with your name and every other details required.

Step 4: Fill in your bank details correctly.

Step 5: Choose your plan and click REGISTER

Final step is to make payment and viola you’re done.

If you experience any challenge while trying to register on Recharge and Get Paid, you can chat me up on Facebook or Dm +2347013297403 on Whatsapp. Wish you success!