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5 Longrich Products I Bought For Less Than N10,000

Buying Longrich products in Nigeria is quite an easy process, you just need to walk into a Longrich stockist center closest to you and pick up your products.

And fortunately, I got mine delivered for free by an existing Longrich distributor. You can get yours from a distributor as well.

What’s Longrich?

Longrich which was established in 1986, in Asia, is one of the leading network marketing companies that dominates in the production of over 1000 products in Health care, Skin care/Cosmetics, Household cleaning, furniture and many other products.

Here are the five Longrich products I bought for less than N10,000 and were delivered to me by the Longrich distributor.

Longrich products for less than N10,000

Longrich Anti-dandruff Shampoo

The shampoo solves dandruff problems, repairs damaged hair, softens and protects the hair. It is effective on all hair types, leaves your hair shiny.

Longrich Calcium

Longrich calcium

It is enriched with magnesium, iron and zinc, helps the blood to maintain alkaline pH level. Also aids the formation of haemoglobin and increases brain development.

Longrich Mosquito Repellent

Longrich mosquito repellent

I got 2 of Longrich mosquito repellents. It helps me keep prying mosquitoes out of my reach for 8 good hours. It neither causes cancer nor harmful to the skin.

Longrich Toothpaste

longrich toothpaste

Toothpaste for treating tooth pain, weak gums bad breath and tooth decay. Healthy for every tooth without any future side effect when you discontinue.

How To Buy Longrich Products

To buy Longrich products in Nigeria, you can walk into the Longrich stockist center closest to you and buy the products.

You can also buy the products from Longrich distributors. You can contact me if you need Longrich products in Nigeria.

How To Become Longrich Distributor In Nigeria

The process of coming on board and becoming a Longrich distributor is a process made easy. Here’s a little insight into the business.

You can join the company as a distributor/member at any level of your choice. Either Q-Silver, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum VIP.

You are not required to pay any registration fee and the goodnews is that there is a Starter combo entry level for students, youth corp members, or low income earners and those who cannot afford the mainstream entry levels.

You will only pay the money for your products depending on the level you are starting with to any Zenith bank, then take the teller to the stockist center with a code, you’ll be registered there via the code and will get products too.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, I can guide you through, help you register and get started immediately.

I will also explain how you can make money as a distributor of Longrich products. Contact me on Whatsapp or through this form.