If you’ve always wanted to join Oriflame for free in Nigeria to look great, make money and have fun, then these goodies are for you and you don’t have any good reason to miss it.

The registration will help you to start your Oriflame business without paying the normal N3,000 registration fee to get your 2020 starter kit which includes:

  • Two FREE Oriflame catalogues
  • One FREE Oriflame product
  • Oriflame products price list, which also show the profit per product
  • Oriflame flyers

How can I join Oriflame for free?

  • You have to fill in your details in the Oriflame online registration form or contact an existing consultant like myself to register you.
  • You will have to activate your account and send your documents like National ID card for identity confirmation.
  • Login your Oriflame account to select products you would love to buy
  • Place an order worth 50 bonus points which is approximately N10,500 (delivery fee inclusive).

Another goodnews is that, the Welcome Program is really amazing, like recruits this month are really lucky, there are a lot of goodies on the table.

What is Oriflame Welcome Program?

By placing an order worth 200 bonus points which is approximately N35,000 in March, you will qualify for the Welcome Program 1 (Bounty Yakata Step 1) and redeem the Dare to Shine Fragrance worth N12,790 for FREE in the month of April.

In April, place a total order of 200 Bonus Points, to benefit from the Bounty Yakata Step 2 and redeem the Venture Fragrance worth N13,990 for FREE in May.

And finally place a total order of 200 Bonus Points in the month of May to benefit from the Bounty Yakata Step 3 and redeem an accessory and The ONE Foundation for FREE worth N21,390 in June.

The Oriflame Nigeria free registration started on March 1st and will end on March 31st, so you have the whole month to register.

If you register through my link, I will be your sponsor, assist and guide you on how to join Oriflame for free and start your Oriflame business without hitches.

When you thought the BOUNTY YAKATA was only for newcomers, then Oriflame brings it back again for Sponsors. You can recruit 4 Welcome Program 1 this month and pick SET 1 or SET 2 for FREE

What is Oriflame Loyalty Program?

Earn more money from customer orders when you recommend and sell products! But don’t forget to collect 300BPs in March and 300BPs in April to get an amazing set valued at N44,860 for FREE.

The Bounty Yakata is non-stop. Join the Loyalty Program and get SET 1 or SET 2 for FREE (Worth N44,860). This is unbelievable

You can message me on WhatsApp +2347013297403 or send an email to info@lifewithtee.com, and I will gladly guide you through.

Remember with Oriflame Nigeria, you can look great, make money and have fun at the same time.

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