I have heard different stories of people who have been ‘jazzed’ and I always thought I could never fall victim to it…

Jazzed: to be under an influence of an enchantment or charm where you un-reluctantly do what you are being asked to do without thinking twice about it.

It was on father’s day – that was Sunday, I was on my way back from Church when I decided to stop by Plaza in Uyo to get a pair of new slippers. After walking from one seller to the other without finding the one I liked that could fit my little tiny leg.

I wanted to turn back and leave when one of the sellers shouted: “Come and check here I have the one you’re looking for”, the normal thing they say. I decided to just check there last before going.

I bent down to look for the one I liked and found one leg of slippers I liked, the seller got it from me and began to ransack his goods to get the other leg, after a thorough search he finally brought it out, by then I had started searching for another pair.

We bargained the price and I gave the money to the seller, I would have left after that but the seller didn’t hand over my balance so whilst I was waiting this Igbo guy ran to me saying that he want to put this jean pin for me free of charge.

I dragged the slippers from the guy because like I said I have heard and read stories especially about these shoe guys at Uyo plaza and how they jazz people to pay large amount for those pins they use on shoes. Before I knew it the guy got the slippers from me again and went behind the sellers to fix the pin, I shouted that he should bring back the slippers that I wasn’t interested but he didn’t heed to it. Then the guy I bought the slippers from had gotten my balance so I got the money and crossed over to get my slippers back.

As I got there the guy asked if I would bring customers but I didn’t answer. Suddenly from no where one Akwa Ibomite came to me and was saying I shouldn’t allow those guys to scam me, cause that’s what they normally do, the mender said a pin was N450 but this guy told me it was N200.

I guess that is where the jazz – the charm caught me, I started to pay attention to him, he was already telling me stories of people they duped and other things I can’t even recall now, another Igbo guy came to join the other one and before I could say abracadabra they had finished and said the amount was N12,000.

The supposed helper helped me to count the pins and brought out his phone to calculate it and it amounted to N4,400. Without even thinking I brought out N5,000 from the money my mother had given to me that day and gave it to the menders, they dashed out of my sight after cursing the guy who was supposed to be helping me.

Did I just give out N5000 to fix 12 pins on a pair of slippers that I bought for N600? I didn’t realise that till I boarded a taxi to take me back to school… I had been jazzed.

I didn’t know how to tell my mum about it cause, to her I carelessly lost the money to dupers. When I got back to my hostel, my roommates only recognised that I was not in a good mood but they didn’t know what the reason was – I never told them I had been jazzed.

I was so ashamed to say it that day but now I realise that by saying it out someone will read it and be careful, so you can’t afford to read this post and still in your right mindset fall a victim to these scammers.

If you’ve been in this kind of situation let’s read it in the comment box. You can help me share this after reading.

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