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It’s My Birthday… Yay!

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Today is 30th October and it’s my birthday. I’m really grateful to God for what He has done for me and what He will continue to do.

I may not have everything I want yet but I know the future holds more for me than what I see today.

I’m thankful to my parents, family, friends, my blog readers and others that in one way or the other have supported and have been there for me.

As I add another year today, I pray may God continue to keep me to see more of His great works in my life.

And also happy birthday to every other legend that was born today…yeah we are legends. May God continue to keep us to see more bountiful years ahead.

Thanks so much for your calls, messages, birthday wishes. I’m really grateful.

Yay! It’s my birthday!

Maryanne Theodore

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  1. Happy birthday dear

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hbd ma

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