Is Nigeria Bridge Falling Down?


Nigeria bridge is falling down!
Falling down! Falling down!
Nigeria bridge is falling down!

At least every educated person is familiar with this nursery rhyme “London bridge is falling down…”

But in this case it’s actually Nigeria’s bridge that is falling and when I write bridge am referring to MMM which for sometime now has been most Nigerians’ way of surviving and for some a method of multiplying their money. It has been like a bridge that many used to cross from recession to increase in their bank account.

I woke up this morning to the news that the MMM Nigeria ponzi scheme website have been frozen and this has sent panic to the hearts of thousands of Nigerians who have invested their monies into the scheme.

The reactions of Nigerians to the whole thing is alarming but trust most people, they will always find the hilarious side of everything. Posts like these 👇 makes me laugh

I pray MMM Nigeria doesn’t crash yet till my friend gets the money he put…I don’t want to lose a friend cos he put his life’s savings in MMM

“But you said you didn’t put money in MMM Nigeria, why are now crying. lol You wanted to be richer than me” 

A woman berated me 4 not doing MMM.
She invested alot & got alot.
Now MMM Nigeria is 😖
I will call her this evening to know how she’s doing

On a serious note I really hope this MMM site does not crash now cause I know a lot of people that had invested their life savings, at least I don’t want to hear or read that people are committing suicide or see an increase in the number of insane people in my country. Take heart, calm down and pray harder if you are a participant.

God help Nigerians!


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