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Industrial Training | My Last Day In Champion Breweries Plc

Last day at Champion breweries

Today is the last day in the month of August and also my last day as an Industrial training student in Champion Breweries Plc.

After 5 months it is hard to believe that it is finally coming to an end, but today happens to be the last day with the company.

The next time I would be there will be to summit my report or pay someone a visit.

This place has played a big part in my academic life, and I’m sad I will be missing a lot of friends I made while I was here, but it’s time to go and this is the right move for me to make.

I started on the 3rd of April and the programme that was meant to last for 6 months is ending after 5 months because I’ve got no place to stay and complete it.

School had ended for the session and the hostel I was staying will be closed so I needed to pack my things before Uniuyo order their security to throw me out.

I bet you wouldn’t be happy to hear that my things were being thrown out of the school’s hostel… just imagining the scenario.

At least for the time I spent in the company I’ve learned all the necessary things I needed to in order to call my training a successful one.

Apart from academic lessons I’ve learned life and office lessons as well, I can at least say I’ve experienced what working in a company or office looks like. Leaving for work by latest 7:30 am which I couldn’t meet up with most times and returning from 4:30 pm.

At first it looked like I wouldn’t be able to handle it but when I realised it’s all part of the training I tried my best to keep up with it.

I’m can’t get to write about everything that happened there cause I didn’t keep a journal for it but I remember:

• My first day there, a place that was looking all strange to me is now like a place I’ve known for a long time.

• Days when I have to trek from my hostel to the school’s gate because there’s no means of transportation then I’ve to be walking and running just to meet up with time.

• Days when I oversleep then will start praying that God should freeze time…so crazy to think of.

• Times that samples mistakenly pours on me and my lab coat will be looking strange

• The day my result was thrown away because of cleaning and I got into trouble with my boss.

• The times I was screamed at and made to feel like a complete idiot.

• Times when I have out of specification results then I’ve to run up and down to make sure it is corrected.

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

• Times when we crack jokes and laugh as hard as we can no matter how tired we were.

I can’t mention all but I have good memories of this place.

Yes, the training had its own share of things that drove me crazy, but I’m really only going to remember all the good days most especially today.

This was a big part of my life and I’m really sad to see it go.

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Industrial Training in Champion Breweries

Champion Breweries Plc

Shout out to everyone who contributed to making it amazing. I will honestly miss it.


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  1. Thank you so much sweetheart

  2. Congratulations dearie

  3. Uby Emmanuel says:

    I’ve missed this also.
    It was indeed an interesting experience

    1. Bishop bishop, I miss you guys
      Thanks for dropping by

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