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Industrial Training | My First Day In Champion Breweries

Industrial training in champion breweries

At last I have been able to start my Industrial training today at Champion Breweries Uyo after spending one month at home. It’s good to be patient tho’ cause I was already loosing hope and was having a second thought on getting to another place but my letter came just at the right time.

Before I slept last night I’d already set my alarm to wake me by 4:30am but managed to get up 30 minutes later. With sleep in my eyes I strolled to the bathroom but unfortunately there was no water.

I came back to my bed but couldn’t close my eyes so I stayed up till 5:30am, then decided to check back and luckily there was some droplets indicating that water was soon going to flow. With that joy in my heart I quickly grabbed my bucket to fetch. I never wanted to be late so I hurried up and left the bathroom.

I’m not sure if I’d entered

I’m not sure if I’d entered into my room or not when rain started to fall, my heart beat dropped. ‘God don’t let this rain fall I can’t afford to be late on my first day of resumption’, that’s all I can remember saying. I waited quite long for the rain to stop but it seemed the longer I waited, the heavier the rain came down and I was already loosing my patience. I couldn’t keep on waiting in my room so I decided to step outside in order to catch any kekenapep that could mistakenly pass.

As I went out, I couldn’t spot any. I didn’t have an umbrella with me so the thought of trekking till I could find a means of transportation quickly escaped to wherever it came from.

After a long wait, I spotted a keke comingi, ‘Thank God’, I ran down to where it was and jumped inside. The rest of the journey was smooth till I got to my destination and at the right time. I undertook my safety induction and did all the necessary things I needed to do in order to start my IT.

Almost all the other I.T students were from other schools but I was able to find someone from my school. They were just friendly and very nice both the staff and the students I’ll be working along with in Champion breweries. I was not able to have breakfast in the morning because I was too happy to start and too scared of going late…and my hope of having lunch was scattered when I realised break time was over and I didn’t go out because I’d to learn one or two things.

I waited a little while after learning to charge my phone that had shut down that it didn’t come to my notice that it was time to go but thanks to the lady I met whom I’ll be working with, my bag would have been locked inside the lab.

Maybe I would have trekked back to where I’m staying. We packed our things, went to sign out and left for our different destinations. Immediately I dropped, I went to get food for my stomach, was surprise it never complained at least it understood the situation I was in.

I would say my first day of starting this industrial training in Champion breweries is quite blissful, and hope that other days will be better than this.

I almost forgot to tell you that my boots are bigger than my tiny legs looking like they are wearing me instead of the other way round.

I was looking weird in them and I kept looking at my legs and comparing it with other people’s own, well that’s a challenge for my foots, it’s time for them to grow and fill those spaces and stop making me to feel somehow.

How was your day? Hope it was wonderful, nice and you enjoyed it. Share how your day was in the comment box, you know I’ll always read it.


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