How To Keep Yourself Entertained At Home

How to keep yourself entertained at home

Home alone, nowhere to go, friends are all busy and you are feeling B-O-R-E-D? Some days we just find ourselves confined at home, with no idea on how to make good use of our time, or keep yourself entertained.

Staying at home can be fun though. Usually, it’s on days like these that we take care of household tasks and spending the rest of the day on our hobbies and getting ourselves entertained.

Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself entertained at your humble abode

Entertaining Yourself Online

app entertainment ipad mockup

  1. Stream TV channels, listen to online radio stations, watch headlining events and you can easily do all of these through LivefromNaija, you don’t have to go surfing the internet.

  2. Make a video and put it up on YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel or account, you can make a funny video or a ‘how to’ video and upload it. Let it be either entertaining or informative. It can be quite fun especially when people start viewing and commenting on your videos.

  3. Reading jokes online. Funny jokes can keep you laughing all day, so why not get all the best of them online whenever you are bored and guess what, I know the best place to get them in bulk and that’s Remember laughter is a medicine, it keeps the doctor away.

  4. Try window shopping. If you love the window shopping, this time you don’t have to go to malls, right from the comfort of your home, you can confidently do that with your phone or PC, just check out your favourite online shops and keep yourself busy.

  5. Learn a skill. If there’s any particular skill you’ve always wanted to learn, you can do that when you are feeling bored, and it’s not that hard to learn a skill these days where we have the blogs and YouTube videos, after watching, try doing it and get better. It is fun.

Entertaining Yourself Offline

You don’t have data to go online right or you just want to stay away from the internet and face reality but you’re feeling way too bored without it? I understand you, most days are like that. Apart from being online, there are other ways to keep yourself entertained and drive boredom far away.

  1. Listen to music. This is one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained, you can borrow music from your friends or turn on your radio, try to listen to something different from what you usually listen to. Music can really elevate your spirit.

  2. Clean your home. Keeping the house tidy and cleaning can be boring though but you can do it in a more interesting way, you can even listen to music while you are at it.

  3. Play an instrument.

music piano compose

There should be at least one instrument you can play but if there is none and you have one around, you can try learning how to play that. You wouldn’t know when you’ve become so involved in it that you are no longer feel bored.

  1. Watch the sunset from the window
Photo credit: James Tbb

You might not know how beautiful watching the sunset could be until you try it. If you doubt it just look at the picture above, there is just this feeling you get from doing so, it will keep you entertained while at home.

  1. Read a book. Find a book, I know you have one that you’ve always wanted to read or maybe one of your favourite books that you’ve read before, try rereading it and have fun while doing it.

  2. Experiment with a new hairstyle. Why not try changing your hairstyles to something funny, crazy and all of that, who knows you might even come up with different styles that people haven’t seen yet. You know this can keep you busy and you’ll be having fun as well.

  3. Plan your next trip. It can be hard knowing how to plan for your next trip but on days like these, you can stay at home and plan well by deciding where you want to go, the cost and everything that revolves around the trip.

  4. Play card games. Have you ever sat down to play a card game meant for 2 or 3 people alone? Lol there’s nothing I haven’t just to drive boredom away. You too can try.

  5. Edit your photos. Try adding filters, change the brightness, colours of your pictures. You can use Snapseed, VSCO or Picsart, you might never know your editing skills till you try.

  6. Play a video game. You wouldn’t tell me you have finished playing all the video games available but if you have, set higher targets and try to achieve that. I remember those days I used to play video games, I really miss doing it.

Did I miss something important out of the list, I can’t get to mention all of them but if there’s any which you relate with or you have something far different from what I have here, feel free to share it with us, we’ll love to read it. The comment section is all yours, use it!

Happy new month dearest, welcome to June

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  1. I would also add more table games, such as monopoly ! 🙂

    1. Yes I agree with you, that is another way of keeping yourself entertained at home. Thanks for your comment

  2. thefemalefactor says:

    I love spending time at home! Reading, relaxing or even having an in-home spa day. Baths, masks, candles. Bliss!

    1. An in-home spa day, that’s a great idea. Thanks for your comment

  3. I love virtual window shopping, both for things to buy and ideas or places to try out on other days. It’s like window shopping for
    future adventures 🙂

    1. It saves time and energy, I love it too

  4. sukafia says:

    This is an interesting article. Following this guide, I’ll never get bored at home again.

    1. Sure, one outta these ideas should keep boredom far away. Thanks for your comment

  5. You have great suggestions to occupy anyone feeling restless! I like the idea of revisiting photos and doctoring them up 🙂

    1. Yeah it’s something I usually do, you know just add some filters or you go as far as using Photoshop to manipulate something. It’s fun

      Thanks for visiting

  6. familytalksweekly says:

    I love your list, have you seen the “learn how to write script” kits at target??? I feel like that would be an awesome skill to learn especially for us bloggers!

    1. Thanks I will check that out

  7. I never have a problem with entertaining myself at home – I make jewelry with small beads and that’s something I can always do 🙂

    1. That’s lovely, your bead making skill keeps you occupied.

  8. You forgot to add reading your blog.

    1. Smile ☺
      It’s great to know that the lil things I do here keeps one entertained. You know you guys keeps it going. Thanks Cirphrank

  9. Mane says:

    I agree simple things can make us happy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah especially those things we never thought could make us happy. Thanks for visiting

  10. Novel Blondes says:

    Reading a book and enjoying the outdoors are always good suggestions! Great Post!

    1. Thanks Novel for your comment

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