Helping a stranger withdraw money at an ATM, is it right?

What will you do if a stranger walks up to you to help him or her withdraw money from an ATM?

I have been in such a situation, we had queued up to withdraw and the queue wasn’t that long and this guy I didn’t know came and asked if I could help him withdraw from the ATM with his card.

I said ‘No’, not like I wouldn’t have helped but then I remembered a message that circulated that no matter what you shouldn’t help someone withdraw.

And you can see enough sense in that. What if the debit card isn’t his own? What if the card is stolen and the person wants to implicate you? There is a difference between being nice and acting stupid in this age. Accepting it is a risk I wouldn’t love to take. The case will be totally different if it’s someone I know at least if something goes wrong I know who I got the card from. That’s true you know.

No matter how inoffensive or friendly or how urgent it might seem, I don’t think it is right to accept to help strangers withdraw money from an ATM but maybe you really want to help then you can allow the person to take the place in front of you rather than collecting the debit card to withdraw. One needs to be careful these days you know.

And for that guy that asked I should help, when I turned to leave I caught a glance of him looking at me with a bad eye, you know that kind of eye that says ‘look at the heartless girl that refused to help me’ but I don’t care cause in this Nigeria hmmmm you don’t have to act nice anyhow.

That’s my own opinion but I would love to know what you think about it. Should I have helped the guy out? If you were the one, would you have helped? Drop it in the comment box👇


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