Hello dear, longest time, I know. I want to use one stone to kill two birds on this post. First to say Happy new year to us all and secondly to wish my very good friend Benson Chidiebere a happy birthday.

Who is Benson Chidiebere?

Benson is a Nigerian author, a great speaker, mentor, preacher and an entrepreneur, I met him as a blogger though. He has been very supportive right from the beginning, those days of Maryanne Theodore dot blogspot dot com.

Loads of laughter! How many of us can still remember those days? Good old days of little beginning.

Benson Chidiebere has helped me a lot in the blogging journey, most of the things I know now, I learned from him. If you read 8 Strong Reasons Why Students Drop Out From School, that was a guest post from him, if you didn’t read it, you should.

January 4th was his birthday, yes I know this is late but, I couldn’t write anything on that day due to the fact that I’m still working out the posts here, you know I disappeared for a while, but now that I’m back we will talk about that another day.

Today’s post is meant for Benson Chidiebere. He is someone with a good personality and his main goal is the youth. Yes young people – helping them grow, their brands, talk about music, the media world as a whole.

Benson has a book in the market titled The ABC of Music. He is also the co founder of organizations like Youth Empowerment Support Initiative and many others. To add to that he is a coach, a motivational speaker and a counselor. You’re free to contact him for private counseling.

Once again happy new year and happy birthday to Benson Chidiebere, you have been a great source of inspiration and I hope your godly dreams come true. God bless your new age and keep using you to inspire and touch more lives around you.

To Benson, lest I forget, I know you are praying I should, I’m still waiting for you to come to Akwa Ibom, this 2020 is your year, do not let it pass you by without coming to this lovely state.

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