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Join Greenleaf Biotech in Nigeria and Make Money Today

Here is an amazing business opportunity brought to you by Greenleaf Biotech in Nigeria.

What is Greenleaf Biotech?

This is a multibillion dollar manufacturing company with headquarters in China and has head office in Nigeria.

Greenleaf has been in the business of manufacturing daily consumables organic products for 23 years. It is just 7 months old in Nigeria and is yet to be officially launched by 1st October 2019.

Are there products in GREENLEAF BIOTECH?

Yes, there are over 4,500 organic products. There are supplements, skin care, toiletries, babies, household, fragrance, weight loss, cosmestic products etc.

How do you join Greenleaf Biotech in Nigeria?

There are just two entry levels in Greenleaf

1. VIP PACKAGE: You pay the sum of 130,000 Naira into the company’s account and get your welcome pack and a voucher worth N560,000.

2. Pre Common Card: You pay N45,000 for the smaller package registration to get N10,260 instant cash, N185,000 voucher and a welcome pack with products.

What do you get for introducing a new member?

You get N38,000 once you have one person on your left and one person on your right (Note- whether you directly sponsor or not) and also get PVs which are points that system accumulates for you that helps you move ranks within the business.

You will also get N10,260 each time you refer one person with N45,000 registration to join your team.

Do I have to sell to get paid?

Selling is not compulsory, you will use the products with your family or sell them if you want for your pocket money.

What do you do after Signing up?

Recruit two (2) members and teach them to duplicate same.

What if I recruit more than 2 members?

You will register only 2 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downlines, so that you help your people to earn because when they earn you also earn.

You also get point values when your downlines join under you. What they get you also get it.

When do you get paid?

You will get paid immediately with voucher worth N560,000 or N185,000 from the day you join this company.

If only you refer at least 2 active people under you, then and only then can you start earning N38,000 daily till infinity. There is no limit to how much you can earn daily.

You will get paid every 24hours for life once your team is active.
NOTE: Only Greenleaf will pay you 10k physical cash for each person you refer.

What do you get except daily bonus?

You will get points(PV) and qualify for incentives through the points you have. You will not forfeit your points.

Are there incentives?


• 4 free international trips per year.

• Leadership incentives. From a Manager level you will start earning minimum of 1million monthly.

• Degree scholarship for your children.

• Mercedes Benz car.

• Housing incentive worth 35million.


There are 8 ways you can make money from this company

1. Return of Investment Bonus
2. Group Bonus
3. Sales Bonus
4. Vouchers Bonus
5. Retail Bonus
6. Leadership Bonus
7. Welfare Bonus
8. Star Director Incentive

You’re destined for greatness. Make a bold step and sign up now!!

Join Greenleaf Biotech in Nigeria today with TEAM HIGHFLYERS. For more information on how to join, visit

Greenleaf Biotech is Born for Beauty.


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