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Goodbye 2016 Cause 2017 Is Already On The Way


This is going to be the last post on this blog for this year and when I write next, I will be welcoming you into 2017.


366 days are gone already, doesn’t even seem so. I can vividly remember when I shouted Happy new year on January 1st and within the blink of an eye Jan, Feb, Mar,… Dec 30 has past already and today 31st is about to join then the whole year will be gone.

A lot has happened though, 2016 was still a great year despite all the happenings: the bad, the ugly, the good, the best. But all in all we always have what we can look back to which will put a smile on our faces.

I have achieved a lot this year, when am counting my achievements in 2016 MTB is surely going to be among, creating it was so easy but maintaining it OMG it was a bit challenging ya, there were times I gave up on the blog phew but in one way or the other I see myself posting again. Annie Tee Designs: my designing business (another of my achievements) has just gotten better than before. It wasn’t easy combining everything with my studies I tell you.

I have made quite a good number of friends and met people that inspired me a whole lot both in the designing and in the blogging world and I have also learnt a lot too. Lessons like #hardwork pays, #hardwork comes before success, #failing doesn’t make you a failure but failure to rise up, #never give up until you achieve what you want to and many other lessons.

Don’t get bored reading, it’s actually the last one for the year

As the year comes to an end, I’m most grateful to my creator for keeping me alive to write this post. My sincere thanks goes to my parents, they have been so supportive in many areas of my life, my friends: those that I know and the ones I do not know it happens. And to those who thought I’ll fall off the ladder, thanks too lol you helped me to strive harder than I would have. And you know I can never forget you and other MTBers, you have contributed immensely to my growth by reading all the stuffs I put up here; I appreciate.

Now am bracing up and getting ready to shout 🔊Happy New Year with joy in my heart, joy of new things, new achievements, new friends, new clients and most especially new MTBers.

To all those who contributed to the success of MaryAnne Theodore’s Blog, I say Thank You. We can do it even better in 2017. Happy new year in advance. Remember to stay up in order to shout Happy New Year, am sure you don’t wanna miss the fun that comes with it.

Love you all!