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I Was At The FYB Last Service In Victory Chapel, Uniuyo

Victory Chapel Uniuyo

After 4 – 5 years of learning and studying, they are finally graduating. With joy on their faces, the Engineering and Science final year students in Permanent site campus University of Uyo moved in one accord to give thanks to the Almighty God for seeing them through.

The Service which was held in Victory chapel Uniuyo, at TETFund auditorium had in attendance the Chairman Prof. Aniedi Ette, the Vice Chairman of Victory chapel, the SUG President Kufre Samuel, Faculty of Engineering President Bassey Bassey, Faculty of Science President Obi Sampson and a host of many others started with Sunday school.

The Final year brethren filed out with songs to appreciate God with loads of testimonies. They sang, dance, acted, celebrated and rejoiced.

Pastor David Fadeyi the residing pastor of Victory chapel Uniuyo, permanent site campus in his homily had this for the final year students:

God designed everybody on earth individually unique, there are no two persons on the surface of the earth. The reason God made you is either because there is already a problem that he is sending you to solve or there is a problem in future that you will solve. Everybody is created to solve a problem“.

He added “In your journey of life, your journey is unique to you, you will run your own raceGod has a territory in mind that He wants you to conquer and there are wolves but if it is your territory then you will succeed“.

Prof. Aniedi Ette, Dr Okpongette, the SUG Kufre Samuel, had their advices and good wishes for the outgoing students.

Gifts and certificates were given to them. The remaining students joined in the happiness and joy of the Final year brethren.

The service ended with the outgoing students taking pictures with the Pastor and heads of Victory chapel Uniuyo and many others.

To them, today will always linger in their mind as the day they celebrated their last Sunday service in University of Uyo.

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo
Faculty of Science president

SUG President Uniuyo
SUG President Uniuyo

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo

Victory Chapel, Uniuyo


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    It was awesome

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