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Forget Coffee, Try An Apple

Forget Coffee, Try An Apple

When your eyelids get so heavy and you begin to feel sleepy but you still got work to do, books to read, things to plan out, most of you set out to get a cup of coffee in order to drive the sleep away and stay awake. But have you ever thought of any other thing that could keep you awake apart from a cup of coffee? They could even be healthier for us than the caffeine in coffee.

In this post, we’ll be looking at one thing that can wake you up or keep you awake as effectively as coffee. It’s the APPLE. Let’s assume that there’s no one who hasn’t heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but I’ll love to put it this way: an apple a day keeps sleep away.

There are many fruits in the world, then why an apple? Apples provide major benefits to the human body, they contain fructose which are natural sugars, far better for your body than the processed sugars you take and has the ability to keep the body awake and keep you going.

Apples do not contain caffeine, not even a little bit like most claim, they contain 13.81g of carbohydrates, 10.3g 0f sugars and fiber content of 2.4g while coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine. So despite the high level of sugar, eating an apple is far more healthier than drinking a cup of coffee. The sugars are the main reason apples have similar outcome to the caffeine embedded in coffee.

It is good for you to also know that fructose in apples can also provide jolts of energy when compared to coffee. Sounds weird right? No, it doesn’t have to, remember than they contain carbohydrates which is used to fuel the body and due to the high fiber content, the body ingest the sugar step by step.

Now you know that apples do not only keep doctors away but can also supply a better morning wake-up. The apple may not totally replace your regular coffee procedures but it offers a better alternative to staying awake. So before you drink that cup of coffee in your hand, just remember that an apple is a better wake-me-up plus keep-me-awake, and is more effective and healthier.

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  1. Woow,I didn't know this,just learnt something today… me am gonna share this.

  2. Woow,I didn't know this,just learnt something today… me am gonna share this.

  3. Nothing else could give me joy more than this: that you've learned something from this post. Thanks for the share too dear

  4. I'm glad you did
    Thanks for your comment

  5. Not just apples there are many things out there which we don't take as important until someone comes along to reveal them. Thanks for dropping by

  6. I didn't know an apple keeps sleep away, i learnt something new today.

  7. Well, Never knew about this. I think apples are more important than we take them to be. Thanks 4 sharing.

  8. Dr. Elise Cohen Ho says:

    I love both apples and coffee. However, by midafternoon I am about the apple. I only drink coffee midmorning.

  9. I heard about apples being a fantastic way to stay awake – thanks for clarifying that with this post! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina rosie x

  10. It's quite better if you regulate between the two rather than depending on only coffee. Thanks for your comment Ma

  11. It's cool that this post has been able to confirm what you've been hearing, hope now you'll be able to put away a cup of coffee and eat an apple with confidence that it's gonna keep you awake.

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