Like many people out there, I spend a lot of time online surfing the net way before I started blogging. I enjoy visiting different sites and blogs.

When I stumble upon a blog for the first time, what I do is if I like it, I bookmark the site and follow it up till it becomes my favourite but if it is whack, like whack, I quickly click my back button and never get myself back there. Apart from the contents of a blog, another thing that takes me back to a blog is the design and layout.

Today I have compiled this list and will be sharing with you my 5 favourite Nigerian blogs. When I say ‘Nigerian’ that means, the author of the blog is a Nigerian and most of the posts there revolves around Nigeria. You will likely find the blogs you regularly visit here and also discover the blogs you’ve been missing. In no particular order, let’s do the countdown together:

1. Life With Tee

Of course!
Wait a minute, were you thinking I’m going to mention other people’s blogs without including mine? Lol Come on, I love my blog very much no matter how it looks and just as I read other people’s post, I read my articles too. At times when I’m reading the post, I’ll be like ‘Did I actually write this?’ It gives me inspiration to keep writing even if nobody reads it.

“When the lizard falls from a tree, if no one praises it, it praises itself.

2. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

This blog is owned by Linda Ikeji but mostly referred to as Aunty Linda by her followers. It is an entertainment blog featuring news, events, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inspiration and of course gossip. One or two things from what I just mentioned normally takes me to this blog.

Most times I visit the blog just to read the comments. It was on this blog that I discovered many are mad but few roam the streets. But all in all, I love the blog and the author’s consistency cause my dear 10 years of blogging no be beans; even these few months is doing somehow in my body.

3. Sisi Yemmie

This is a Nigerian lifestyle blog about food, motherhood, career, blogging and everything in between. I discovered her blog through the video she made with the owner of African cosmopolitanism ‘Blogging in Nigeria’ tag. When I’m hungry, I visit her blog just to stare at the pictures of the food she uploads, you can’t blame me though.

I smile anytime I read that she applied to study Medicine but ended up studying Mass communications and that her husband introduced her to blogging, that’s the kind of hubby I want too. I love the blog’s design, the content she puts up and everything about the blog.

4. NaijaSingleGirl

Of all Nigerian blogs I have visited, NSG is the funniest. I discovered her blog from a Nigerian bloggers award site where she won ‘Humour Blog of the year’, which she really deserves cause ‘na over funny dey worry her’. Immediately I clicked on the link and it took me to NSG, I only read a single line of her post and her ‘jazz’ caught me and I can’t stop visiting lol.

She is an hustler and her posts are so real maybe that’s why she blogs anonymously. Her search for hubby and everything, I recommend NSG anytime you feel bored; it’s like a pain reliever.

5. Esther Adeyini’s Blog

I found this Nigerian blog on Instagram follow me there, and decided to click the link. The lifestyle blog owned by Esther Adeyini focuses on style, career, health, beauty and food. At first it looked like a WordPress blog but it ended up being a Blogger hosted blog, I loved the design and started reading the content till I got glued, its lovely and isn’t the blog I can easily press my back button. Kudos to the author.

I had intentions of writing up to 10 blogs but I’m still learning how to write long posts, that’s why I am stopping it here. Shoutout to the owners of other beautiful and awesome blogs out there, know that your efforts ain’t in vain, people are actually reading and following your blogs. Keep up!

Is there any of your favourite Nigerian blog that isn’t listed here or you’ve got a blog that you want me and others reading this to visit? Kindly share the link in the comment box below, who knows I might end up getting glued to it. And don’t mind what I wrote earlier, there is this joy that flows in my heart when I know someone is reading every little thing I scribble down.

Read, comment, share and keep sharing.

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