Easy On Me Mr Harmattan 

Easy on me harmattan

This harmattan season has come again with its wahala, at first it was like it wasn’t going to show up this year and all of a sudden I came back from school and noticed that the weather has changed as if I travelled and just got back.

The weather is already becoming harsh on my precious skin, I can’t mistakenly scratch any part of the skin else…smh.

On an average day I’m not in good terms with body creams but now we are best of friends; anywhere you see me, you see the cream.

I don’t want to talk about my lips that’s always dry on a normal day, it’s as if it was just waiting for this season, it has already dried up and has started cracking, this harmattan cannot even respect the amount of Vaseline I’m loading on the lips just to shield it.

Then if the edge of my hair touches your skin it’s like you’re scrubbing your skin with sponge, maybe some sponges will not be this rough.

It’s high time I went shopping for hair treatment products before I will wake up one morning and I don’t find any strand of hair on my head.

My throat too is becoming dry and I’m sure it is cough that is finding a way to penetrate into my life but I will not allow it to work, I just can’t.

In fact it looks as if this harmattan has been having me in mind since and it came really prepared, so Mr harmattan haba I know it is your season but please easy on me at least let me manage waking up in the morning, bathing cold water and shivering like a chicken that fell inside a bucket of water, please I’m begging you, don’t add more traumas to it.

Thank you