Do you love Kilishi? You Should


The first time I tasted Kilishi: a version of beef jerky that came into existence in Hausaland in Nigeria, was in my 200 level. My friend who lives in Ekiti had bought it in Abuja and had brought some when she came back to school in Uyo.

The taste was uniquely wonderful and was quite different from the normal dry goat meat or cow meat I usually eat. The peppery taste with the flavour from spices, salt, grounded onion and sweetener made it unavoidable.

At first, I was thinking I wouldn’t eat much because of the amount of pepper used in preparing it, but before I knew it I was already finishing the meat, and I cannot forget that I kept a bottle of  cold water beside me which I normally gulp down after every bite lol.

Kilishi is a dried form of suya made from mostly cow meat after the bone has been removed. I learnt that each of the selected muscles is then tediously sliced into small sizes for easy drying. When the meats are dried, they are being collected and kept for the next process. A paste made from peanuts is diluted with enough water, spices, salt and grounded onions and honey to add sweetness. The already dried cow meat are then immersed into the paste to coat it, it is then left to dry for hours before been roasted.

Kilishi is not the kind of snack one will say he/she doesn’t like except someone that is allergic to meat hahaha

I was packing my bags to return to school after the Christmas / New year break when she called me to come back that she had bought Kilishi, I looked forward to eating the peppery snack even though I had to drink water after every bite to relieve my precious lips of the ‘hotness’

I know I’m not a foodie but my mouth can easily recognize a good food when it tastes one. Have you eaten Kilishi before? What was your reaction at the first taste? Anyways if you haven’t then try to have a taste cause it’s sweet, tasty and hot!