I’m glad you found this post and I hope this information on the difference between depression vs sadness is what you are looking for right now if you are going through those dark moments.

Recently, the report on the number of people taking their lives has increased, it’s disheartening when you login on social media platforms these days and almost everything you read is about one person or the other who committed suicide, most especially the young people.

You know what is more disheartening? The way people joke about it, like what’s really funny about someone who took his life as a result of depression?

Is Depression vs Sadness the same thing?

It is normal to feel sad from time to time. Everyone somewhere, sometime in life will experience sadness. Sadness is a natural reaction to something painful which has happened. But depression is more extreme. It is a clinical illness which has a lot more symptoms than sadness and can, if not treated lead to suicide.

Difference Between Depression and Sadness

A person experiencing feelings which they find upsetting can logically tell you what it is that is causing the sadness, whereas a person suffering from depression cannot necessarily do so.

People suffering from sadness know their feelings will begin to heal over a period of time. Whereas the person suffering from depression will usually get worse and do not see an end to the situation.

Depression can last for weeks, months or years. It is not something that a person can merely ‘snap out of,’ much as they wish they could. It is just not possible. The feelings are intense and overwhelming and believe me, nobody wants to be contemplating taking their own life.

Symptoms of Depression vs Sadness

  • Tiredness and inability to sleep: Insomnia is one of the main symptoms of depression.
  • Feeling of worthlessness and low self-esteem.
  • Loss of interest in everyday / social activities: you no longer feel happy in doing your day-to-day activities or hanging out with friends. You’re slowing losing it.
  • Loss of appetite and changes in weight.
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Contemplating death or suicide

If a person has a loss of interest in life in their daily activities, job, relationship or socialising for more than about two to three weeks and their mood is out of character, then talking to someone would be in order as most people don’t think of visiting a doctor in this part of the world.

How You can Beat Depression

Understand that you’re not alone in the fact that you have regular periods of your life when you are depressed, knowing this fact alone will not stop you from feeling that way; but it will help you know that there are many who are going through worse times yet they live life with full hope of better days than the present.

Think about all of the things and aspects of your life that are getting you down. What you then need to do is to talk about them and think positive by attempting to find solutions to each of these problems.

This is not at all easy to do but is something you should try. You will realize that it is good to talk about our fears and phobias and that there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are stressed and depressed.

Try to think positive in all situations, life is far too short to always worrying about everything. Start to read a lot of self-help books, these will teach you quite a lot of new things and give you many new ideas.

I may not be a psychologist but I believe this post can help save a life, we all can help save lives instead of laughing and making fun about it.

If you are or you know someone who is contemplating suicide, it is time to seek help immediately. Take good care of yourself. You are the most special person here on this planet.

There is no one else even remotely like you that has your talents, skills or abilities. You simply cannot be replaced and you have important things to do with your life.

The only person you can control is yourself, so take care of yourself first and foremost. Everyone and everything else is out of your control. Start doing those things today that make you feel good and happy. You know what they are. We’re all counting on it!

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