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Corn: Roast It, Boil It, Or Fry It

The moment you start seeing corns, you should know that you’re definitely in the rainy season and that’s the season we are in now in Nigeria. There is basically no place you will step your feet in that you wouldn’t find the sellers.

Corn can really be sweet especially those fresh ones when eaten with African pear (ube or ebèn), coconut, kernel, or even butter. It is one of those veggies that are nice when it’s in season: July through September, after that they will be tasting starchy.

How do you enjoy your corn?

Most people like it roasted, while others prefer the corn to be boiled, some people get to fry it – as a person I enjoy roasted corns more than the boiled ones, I hardly eat the fried corns. Recently I heard you could even eat your corn raw, funny isn’t it? But they are delicious no matter how you prepare it, just depends on your taste as an individual. Whichever type you prefer, corns continue to serve as a delicacy to so many.

I know you are ready for some rainy season corn action, so eat it the way you can but I’ll love to know the way you enjoy yours – in the comment box

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