My Christmas Wish Came True on Val’s Day

Valentine's Day messages

Happy Valentine’s day lovely people. I saw most of you looking hot hot in your red attires, some red and white. It is not a small something o…

Most of you that saw my posts on my social media platforms will be wondering what was her Christmas wish that came true sef that she will not allow us to hear word. Yes o I will not allow you people to hear word cause if I don’t share the joy with you guys, who else will I share it with, all these relationship people according to Naijasinglegirl have all gone out.

The phone I was using has been disgracing itself thinking it is disgracing me, the screen had broken and the battery has been playing hide-and-seek with me. I have been battling and tolerating it all these while. I mean it was frustrating. I decided to start saving money small small so I can replace it because I knew there was nobody that I was going to put my hand in my nose and go meet. Anytime the money get to what I needed that is when financial issues will just be arising from left, right, center and corner.

I made a wish during last year’s Christmas time and even included it in my Christmas eve post [Read here], since then I have been trying to save enough so that my wish can come true. But what I had wasn’t still enough and it was as if I was going to be choked to death then I called for help from my mum, I even asked her to lend me the remaining money that I will later return but somehow my father got to hear about it and he completed it for me.

So today as relationship people and people like us were going out, buying and receiving gifts, me too I went out and got myself a gift – a new phone, I will not come and die in this world I came to. At least this one will not be typing messages to people by itself. This is selfie things o, in fact, I have taken my first selfie sef, stay there now.

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Let me come and be going, I have two tests tomorrow and another one on Friday then my examination is starting next week so you may not see me here throughout that period. Make sure you celebrate well and remember that self-love is the best to be practiced this February 14. Happy Val’s day once again.

Much love ♥ ♥