Challenges of Blogging in Nigeria

From a distance blogging seems to be a very easy thing to venture into. To some it is the easiest job in the Universe – all you need is to get a PC and sit right in front of it all day and write.

Then money start pumping into your account, you might nearly not recognise the challenges in it until you start a blog.

It is not all about setting up the blog, after all anyone can easily set up a blog. It is about creating a successful one.

Running a site with significant traffic, regular readers and possibility of monetization can be challenging to a blogger.

Coming right down to this part of the world, blogging in Nigeria can be so challenging especially in this period we’re experiencing recession.

As a blogger in Nigeria especially a newbie you’re most likely to face some challenges. On this note, I will be writing this from my own personal experiences for a year now and from that of others. Starting with the most challenging.

Power supply

The problem of electricity supply is what I and a lot of people blogging in Nigeria are facing.

I remember when I was running the news and entertainment blog, it was a bit hard to keep it updated cause most times when things are happening I can’t write about it because my PC will be off and my phone may not be active as well.

As bloggers we make use of these electronic gadgets and once power supply is unstable it makes blogging difficult.

I know my readers from the part of the world where there is constant power supply may not get to understand this but Nigerians will.

For students bloggers like myself that cannot afford to buy and fuel generators we’re likely going to look for other sources like power banks.

Data rates

When you’ve finally overcome the challenge of power, this is the next challenge on the list.

Nigerians tend to experience an outrageous data charges which therefore makes using the internet kinda expensive whereas there are some countries where the internet can be accessed free of charge.

Network issues

After one must have been able to overcome the challenge of buying a data bundle the next challenge someone blogging in Nigeria may likely face is unreliable network.

Nigerian network is not the type you can depend on cause at sometime it is working and the next second it’s gone, it can be so frustrating.

Sometimes I have to stand on the verandah of my room or go inside the toilet to find steady network no be small thing abi.


Blogging takes time and needs dedication. Time is another factor that we consider as challenging most especially for part time bloggers like me.

Time is hardly enough, combining school work and blogging or combining 9 – 5 work and blogging is stressful but full time bloggers may likely not face this since all their income is from their blog therefore their time and attention isn’t divided that much.

For student bloggers, we have to study, attend lectures, do assignments, write term papers and still strive to maintain a good GPA, at the end of it all if you can’t manage all of this, one of it get to suffer either your school work or your blog.


There are a lot of people going into blogging in Nigeria these days, so there is competition amongst the bloggers and each and every one of them is looking for a means to drive traffic to their blogs and for the new bloggers.

It can be challenging, most even give up when they can’t like I almost did.

It is discouraging when you write a post and don’t get any response but if you discover a means to promote and drive high traffic to your blog then this wouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

And as a blogger you should get to know that massive traffic isn’t acquired in a day, it requires time and hardwork.


There is this misunderstanding that non-bloggers have towards those blogging in Nigeria. To some people once you mention that you’re a blogger the response you get may not be a positive one.

They see you as a lazy person, someone who doesn’t have what to do with a PC and data than to invade people’s privacy and gossip about them online, but thankfully now a good number of people have stopped seeing bloggers from such perspective.


After you’ve successfully set up and developed a blog with great contents and an encouraging audience, the next challenge is how to make money from your site.

A lot of us – bloggers actually started blogging because of the monetary value, yes you should make money from what you’re working hard for and besides you need money to maintain and keep the blog going.

But this thing needs patience and consistency, because blogger A made money in 6 months of starting doesn’t mean you too might start earning after 6 months.

And the newbies face these challenge often especially when it comes to getting your blog approved by Google for Adsense but while waiting for Google you can start from little sponsored post till your blog gets approved.

We will all get there but let things go jejely

These are the major challenges I have faced for the first year of venturing into blogging, other ones are just petty issues that can easily be taken care of.

I know some bloggers out there have also faced one or two of these challenges. If there are major challenges you’ve faced as a blogger outside these then let’s know about it or you have ways you’ve been able to overcome them also help us out by mentioning it in the comment box, I will be grateful.


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  1. I can relate.
    When people hear you are a blogger, they feel you are already a millionaire.
    It is well.

  2. thanks for this pill….
    what an insightful thought..
    you really did well on this article….love it.

  3. Honestly Mary, you really listed the real challenges i personally face. This issues makes me weak and devastated. I spend money for Generator AC and PHCN will demand their pay for power supply i didnt see. Anyway, thanks for the amazing post. We love to see more from you, calling from

  4. Like seriously when people hear that you have a blog ah! that means you've hammered but they don't know these things don't work that way

  5. I'm glad you love it Ben, thanks!

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    I totally relate to some of your tips.

    Nigerian Bloggers face a lot of challenges and we hope to see a melt down

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. These are the problems I faced and still face. Power supply is really a disturbing issue for bloggers, as for PHCN they are trying these days in my area though.

  8. Being a blogger is really challenging but if you love it, you'll do it! 🙂 And I can see you're doing good! 🙂 Keep it up! <3

  9. At least we are finding solutions to the challenges day by day, in the nearest future these wouldn't be challenges anymore. Thanks for your comment Pospi

  10. Well that's true cause if I didn't love doing this I would have clicked the QUIT button before now. Thanks dear Karla

  11. Seriously ooooo. They will stay asking stuffs like how do you make money with websites

  12. I can so relate to this. It just gets so frustrating sometimes especially the network issues part. But we have to peservere

    1. Yes perseverance especially when you can’t do much about it 💪💪

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