The other day I went to shop for few things, I happened to pick up this Black Opal lipstick, the seller advised that I should go for it; in their usual way of convincing a customer. I started using the lipstick, it’s been quite lovely on my lips and fortunately I wasn’t disappointed at the product.

I went shopping for a new lipstick yesterday and I didn’t look too far cause I had black opal lipstick in mind already, so I went straight to pick it up again.

Today I decided to write a little about the lipstick, so you can say I’ve started the beauty column on Life With Tee already.

Black opal lipstick

I got the product for quite an affordable price. It is a bit bright and vivid on my lips and it doesn’t have any awful smell and it isn’t too thick.

I remember once when I mistakenly picked up a lipstick because it was looking beautiful, only to dump it later in the waste bin because it had this awful fragrance.

Another thing I like about this particular black opal lipstick that I bought, is it’s long lasting, when I apply it in the morning, it rarely fades away. Should I tell you what I so much love about it?

It doesn’t make my lips dry, and start peeling off the way my former lipsticks does. You know it’s quite hard out here for a beauty amateur to find the perfect lipstick shade, and finding one that is long-lasting and hydrating can be more difficult.

Black opal lipstick


I will rate this particular shade I got 6 out of 10.

Which Black Opal Lipstick Shades are available?

There are different color collections but I went for the red shade.

There is blue, pink, purple, maron red shades, well I don’t know how the beauty gurus call it though.

Like I said, I’m only an amateur in the beauty world, but I bet you can’t get enough of these affordable, long-lasting and feathering-free lipsticks, and I’m certain you’ll long for each of them in your makeup bags.

All you need is just a swipe over your lips and you will be having a wonderful day.

You can order from beauty stores online or you can simply walk into any beauty shop closest to you and get yours. On Konga, shop this or go for this.

What other fun beauty products do you think I should try out?

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