All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas

It is another Christmas eve but I’m not feeling the vibes at all. I can’t feel the cold and scent of harmattan, the aroma of delicious food that everyone is hurrying up to prepare, rather all I hear is the cries of my baby sister who is anxiously looking for the attention of the mother.

Where did it go?

That feeling that makes everyone happy and gives our hearts wings to fly,

the sound of children laughing in the neighbourhood,

the magic and love of Christmas that we always look towards.

Or am I deceived by my Calender?

Are we actually in the last month of the year?

I feel like December was skipped and that we are in February.

I remember when I was much younger, a Christmas dress was enough to end my worries but as I grew, growing up is a trap, my worries has grown as well.

A christmas dress cannot even solve them.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas and I’m not going to make a wishlist, sit and wait for Santa to fulfill them,

all I want is happiness, good health, joy that radiates from my inside like light, and peace of mind,

peace that can say to my worries “Be still!” and they will obey

and of course; a new phone for the new year 😉

that’s all I want for Christmas.