Hi dear, my name is Maryanne Theodore, and I’m mostly known as Annie Tee, by my friends and on my different social media platforms. I’m a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur from Nigeria that curates content from personal experiences and opinions.

I am so happy that you found your way here to Life With Tee, you are welcome to my little corner on the internet where I share my Lifestyle, Beauty, Inspirational, Personal finance, College and Healthy thoughts.

Life With Tee is a personal and lifestyle blog in Nigeria, where I write everything; and I mean everything that crosses my mind, things that happen in my life as a student, a lifestyle blogger, and a serial entrepreneur.

I write on things that I see around me as well, whether on social media or anywhere, I would love to call it my journal. The blog also feature short stories and poems from different writers because of my love for literature.

Here, I will also help you build a lifestyle business, develop a rock-solid work ethic and design a high-output lifestyle.

Whether you’re working a full-time desk job; with minimal vacation time, in a location-dependepant relationship, paying off student loans, or just fearing the unknown.

I’ll show you how to explore the globe; and enrich your life with unique local encounters, with hopes that I can inspire you with my posts.


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