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Hello, sweetheart! Welcome to Life With Tee. My name is Maryanne Theodore, and mostly known as Annie Tee by friends – a name that was coined from my real name. I am a Nigerian personal and lifestyle blogger, a graphic designer, content creator and social media marketer and also an undergraduate in University of Uyo studying Microbiology.

I was born and brought up in Akwa Ibom State and I have always loved to write. As we continue on this journey, you will get to know other wonderful things about me.

Few years ago I never thought I will own a platform like this where I can share my experiences and opinions with the world. I started this blogging journey in July 2016.

Life With Tee is my personal and lifestyle blog, I create content curated from my personal interests and daily activities. As such, the blog is highly personalized to my location, life stage and experience. Any post found here that isn’t written by me will be indicated either as a guest post or a sponsored post.

I am most grateful for the love and support of my parents most especially my mother, wonderful friends and you…of course, you reading this because I will not have done it without you my amazing readers.

Thanks so much for reading.