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8 Things I Possibly Can’t Live Without

Hello dearies…it’s a Tuesday, but to be frank, it doesn’t seem like a Tuesday to me I dunno why but I’m rolling with it. So today I decided to do a post on ‘8 things I can’t live without’. Obviously, I’ll be writing about material things. It’s going to be a short post as usual, one of those short posts.

Things I can't live without

My Phone

First on the list. Obviously I’ll admit that I fall among the type of people that can’t stay without their phones. It’s a friend and a companion. My roommates even make jest of me that if my phone spoils that I will probably die lol, I can attest to the fact that I’ve never lost my phone except it just spoils. It is the first thing I carry when I wake in the morning and the last thing I drop before going to bed. You can keep me hungry but don’t go with my phone.

My Laptop

After my phone comes my laptop, I can’t imagine life without it. I use it for my designs and blogging too.

Internet connection. My phone is nothing without this, when my data subscription expires and I stay all day just playing games, it seems like I’ve been disconnected from the world. One has to know what’s going on around and this helps to do that.

Power supply. The three things mentioned above are nothing when there’s power shortage. If you read most of my posts you’ll see that it has been a challenge. My life without light is so not good especially in the part of Nigeria I’m writing this from, at times I wonder where my country was when God said ‘Let there be light’. I need this to live

Book and Pen. You can’t claim to be a writer if you ain’t addicted to your book and a pen. I carry them anywhere I go.

Black shoe. I can’t lack this it matches with any clothe I could think of wearing. I l will just have to slip my legs inside and step my way out.

Earring. If I ever mistakenly or intentionally step out of the house without my earrings I always feel like I’m missing something and it becomes so noticeable by the way I keep touching my ear lobe.



Black skirts or trousers. Just like a black shoe, this is very essential cause they are such a versatile item of clothing that goes with anything.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 8 things I can’t possibly live without. But if I ever get stuck in a desert or in the middle of the sea I’m not sure these are the things I’ll wish for lol but I’m loving them now.

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