The rate at which students drop out from school is or perhaps could be ranging to 83% if I’m not mistaking.

Each day, we record some reasonable amount of school drop-outs, and the question I keep asking myself is “What could be the reason or perhaps reasons why students drop out from school?” In a short while, after I must have carried out my research, I got to understand so many reasons why people do so.

Yes! Poco a poco (little by little), I will unveil it. But come to think of this, which people are best described as School Drop-Outs? School drop-outs are those personalities who couldn’t complete or finish their education due to some certain reasons of which we will be discussing here in this article.

Now here below, are strong reasons why students drop out from school. Let’s take a look at them.

Reasons Students Drop Out


You see! Poverty is the main or perhaps the lead reason why there are so many school drop-outs. I have personally seen a family here in my local residence where every individual dropped from school probably because there are no funds to further their education. Yes! Poverty is the lead man in the context. It will be very difficult for you to see a rich kid dropping out of school because of inability to sponsor the fees, that’s quite impossible. Of course if there is money, there must be education. So with this, I hope you’ll get to understand that poverty is the lead reason why so many students out there drop-out from school.

Death of A Relative

This is real. Students could possibly drop-out of school because of the death of a relative. When a pupil or student loses his/her dear ones perhaps their parents or any other relative, it could possibly warrant their drop-out of school.

Marital Purposes

How do you see her changing her marital status to “Married”? Although this situation could be very rare in our dispensation but the truth of the whole still remains positive. This is common with ladies. There are so many situations where a female is faced with the pressure of dropping out of school probably because a dude proposed to her. Yes! This is practically one of the reasons (though minor) why students drop out of school.

Poor Academic Performance

Indeed, this factor has really affected so many students lately. Imagine where a student invest all his efforts reading, writing (perhaps doing assignments and school projects), money and lots more, only for him to get very poor returns. Of course when this happens repeatedly, he’ll be left with no option than to drop out, because he will probably think that education does not or will not favor him. I’ve got a friend who has no plan to further her education because of this same issue. She had invested all her money, time, efforts and lots more, but in return, she gets a very low score. This gave her the reason to ease with educational plans.

Unwanted Pregnancy

If I should be given the opportunity to tag this trend. I’ll call it wanted pregnancy. I know what you could be thinking right now. Listen, for a lady to have a premarital sex simple means that she accepted the offer. He can’t possibly have a premarital sex with you if you hadn’t agreed. Yes! That’s the simple truth but nevertheless, this is one of the reasons why so many students drop out from school.

Talent Pursuit

70% of celebrities today dropped out from school. Are you surprised? Yes they did. They discovered and pursued it. They drop out from school in pursuit for their talent. Some of these talents could be singing, dancing, acting etc.

Health Issues

Could this be real? Yes! It is. There have been so many cases similar to this or perhaps same as this too. There are students who couldn’t continue with schooling because of their ill-health. In most cases this happens temporarily, like an ill student can easily go back to school after recovery. A student who is in coma cannot continue with education until health problem has been fixed.

No Parental Guide

This is very awful, well; it’s obvious that majority of our parents no longer talk senses to their children. Nowadays, so many youths have become decision makers. They now make decision without consulting their parents and parents just heed to their children’s wish. They fail to train up their children rightly and this is somehow in someway affects their education. Education is power and it’s very important. Do not compromise with your educational pursuit. Train up yourself; guide your mind properly so it won’t be affected with all these hazards. Is this possible? Yes, you can avoid or perhaps prevent those listed above. Whatever you learn today will be yours and will forever be with you. Commit your education to God’s hands, guide your mind and study harder, you must certainly make it.

Is this article helpful? Have you got any question to ask us? Do you think there are some other reasons?

Guest post by Benson Chidiebere

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