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8 Real Life Lessons I Learn From Ludo Game

Have you ever being so bored that you start playing the ludo game meant for 2 – 3 or 4 people all by yourself?

I stay in the hostel when I’m in school and life can be a bit boring during the weekends most especially when PHCN refuses to show us mercy by supplying electricity, so when my electronic gadgets shuts down and I’ve exhausted all the interesting books within me the next thing I can turn to is a board of ludo game.

Did I even say board? Ludo paper. My friends bought it for a project in school, took out the frames and we were left with just the paper and the dice, we had to reconstruct it by gumming the paper to a cardboard and we’ve been enjoying the game that way.

There are things I get to notice when I’m playing it alone which I don’t take note of when I’m playing with people probably because I’m busy trying to attack my opponents and at the same time protect my games from attack. But today as I shake this dice and move my games I did take note of the following things which are practically real life lessons:

  1. Life isn’t about how fast but how well
  2. Don’t look down on others
  3. Never loose hope
  4. Life needs you to be smart
  5. Life is unpredictable
  6. Don’t be too comfortable in someone’s zone
  7. Life needs planning
  8. Don’t be too trusting

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