It’s been a year since I wrote the post, Essential Items For Every University Freshman, and in this post I want to specifically write on your hostel room musthaves. I’m months away from moving out of this place, and I want to share with you the items that makes a room homey.

If your school is far away from home, it is necessary to decorate your hostel room, with pieces that will make you feel at home, more like home away from home.

Like I stated in my post, Tips To Make Hostel Life Much Easier, everything starts from your room, if it means putting up pictures of your family members and loved ones, do that!

Here are some hostel room musthaves that will inspire you to create your own beautiful space!

1. A beautiful wallpaper

The kind of wallpaper you use for your room has a way of changing your mood, it can be a wall art or wall sticker. When choosing any of these, go for beautiful ones or the ones that can inspire you or elevate your mood These are some really cute decors from Wallingshop that I think will look great in your bedroom. 

2. A comfortable desk

Your room must have a comfortable desk and seat to work with. Remember you have to study and if you are a blogger like myself or you usually work with your PC, you will be more comfortable using a desk. If your room does not have these already like most of the rooms here in my hostel, try getting them for yourself. At any time you want, you can use it to read or work. Don’t forget to get a lamp on it, you’ll need it at night.

3. A blanket

This item is a necessity cause when you are having a freezing cold night, you don’t have to go a-borrowing. So you can comfortably go under it and have a good and cozy night. You can get them in different colours and designs. The bigger and heavier it is, the better it can keep you comfortable.

4.  Full-length Mirror

Most of the hostels have mirrors hanging at each corners or entrances of the rooms but if there is none, then you should get one! They are great cause they take up small space on the wall and since they are full-length you can check out your entire outfit. Some have extra spaces for storing jewelries.

5. Storage or Lockers

The hostel should provide you with a wall locker where you can hang your clothes and store your items. If this is not enough you can get a storage cart or your own locker if your room is big enough to accommodate it. Sure there are other things you have that makes your room more homey, you can add them up in the comment section and how you got them. You can get creative with the colours, decors and everything else according to your personality.  

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