5 Skin Care Products My Baby Sister Uses and Why

Baby skin care products

I love the feeling I get when I touch my baby sister’s skin cause of its smoothness, and we try to maintain it by using skin care products that can help us do that. You know a baby’s skin is delicate and requires special attention, and choosing the best products can be so overwhelming. These are the skin care products we’re using for her now:

1. Baby powder –


We use Pamper Soft baby powder, cause it keeps her skin soft, smooth and comfortably dry, and it doesn’t cause irritation to the skin and has a balanced pH.

2. Baby wipes –


Virony products

Before now we were using Virony baby wipes, they are soft and thick for gentle cleansing, alcohol-free and gentle enough to clean her face and hands then mum decided to try another brand which is


Little Angel Skin care product

Little Angel, their wipes are gentle on her skin too, has aloe vera, contains moisture with a very pleasant soft fragrance and alcohol-free as well.

3. Baby laundry detergent –


Nittol Skin care product

Nittol antibacterial detergent is what we use to wash her wears, cause it doesn’t only kill germs but also preserves the colour. It also has this pleasant fragrance I really like.

4. Baby lotion –

Pamper Soft Kiddis Baby Lotion is used to moisturize her skin and it is irritation free and doesn’t allow her skin to itch or crack.

5. Baby soaps –

Her soaps are mild and we use them sparingly in order not to dry her skin.


You are free to suggest any brand of skin care products you used or you are using for your baby, even if you don’t have a baby suggest the products you know or saw someone using and you liked.


Queenesther Theodore - Faceofcakemania2018


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