I have a little confession to make. I’m an introvert. And that means I like my space and somewhat hate meeting new people in real life. But I’m a consultant in a networking beauty company, I bet you must have known that already.

Did you say irony of life? Well, I guess there is no phrase that fits better than that.

You know the definition of the word network is to connect or operate with a network. In a business sense, the word means to interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career or business.

It’s a known fact that many introverts despise the very thought of making small talk, meeting strangers, or new people, spending time in large groups and other networking must-dos (my Yoruba friend would call it orisirisi), the introverted entrepreneur may be challenged.

Don’t worry, my fellow introvertpreneurs, I’ve good news for us, and guess what, help is here!

The 5 tips I will be sharing will help even the most shy, timid, introverted entrepreneur or businessperson to excel at networking, making it a powerful skill rather than necessary exercise to be despised and avoided.

Remind Yourself That Everyone at the Networking Event Can’t Wait to Meet You

This is exactly the beauty of networking! You don’t have to do a lot of hard work. Everyone is there to meet you. They can’t wait to see what you have to offer them, that can benefit your business and theirs.

You shouldn’t feel insecure or self-conscious, as if you are hanging out at a bar or a party (which I know you don’t like). Simply by being there, other people are telling you they want to hear what you have to say.

Steer Conversations by Asking Questions

Most people feel comfortable talking about themselves, whether they are extroverts or introverts. Just make that easy for others, and you will not have to do much talking.

Ask a question early on in the meet and greet process, and you will control the conversation with your natural ability to listen rather than talk.

Have an Exit Plan

Before you attend a networking event, tell yourself you will leave at a specific time. Allow yourself to be the most extroverted person in the room for 20 to 60 minutes (that shouldn’t be too much), and then head right home for some alone time (I love that) to recharge your introverted batteries.

Meet and Greet Online First

Personally, I have a much easier time interacting with people online than offline, in many cases. I believe other introverts feel the same.

When you reach out to fellow networking attendees before an event online, you take a lot of pressure off a one-on-one meeting. This can help to create a friendship that means going to a networking event with someone you feel more comfortable with.

Plan and Prepare

And then prepare some more.

Spend some alone time thinking about what you will talk about when you meet someone. I do that most times even before I call someone, okay I think I just gave out a little secret knowingly.

Choose 2 or 3 topics you feel very comfortable with discussing, those that will also help you meet your networking needs. Prepare what you are going to say and how to say it, because practice makes perfection.

If you’re done reading these tips and you’re like:

Maryanne, are you for real? Asking me to do these, is more like banishing me, to the ends of the Earth . . . I seriously can’t do any of them.

Well, I totally relate with being an introvert, so I wouldn’t tell you

Hey, snap off it!

Oops . . . I just did.

And I do not perform magic, though, sometimes I daydream about it. Hence, I can’t quickly turn you into an extroverted extrovert, that’s if there is anything like that.

But I can write you another alternative which is Affiliate marketing – I consider it to be the perfect online business for an introvertpreneur. In addition, there are other proven online businesses you can try today from your home.

Get My 2020 Online Business Models Checklist Sent To You

All introverts are not “like this”, and all extroverts are not “like that”.

Extroverted or introverted traits and characteristics are part of a person’s personality, not the totality of it.

That means no two introverts are completely alike, but if you tend towards introversion rather than extroversion, you generally have a dislike for the following things.

  • Making small talk
  • Networking for business
  • Selling yourself
  • Meeting new people
  • Not enough time to spend alone
  • Talking on the phone … for any reason
  • Crowds

This could be a problem if an introverted person were to become an entrepreneur. Starting and running your own business can be difficult, if you don’t enjoy, or are not good at networking, selling, meeting, and greeting and doing other things that most introverts would rather avoid.

I wasn’t good at it too, neither am I perfect at it now, but I’ve survived my first year in network marketing, that’s because I’m growing and learning everyday.

Introverts worry no more. There is a perfect entrepreneurial career path that is right for you, and it is called affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To define affiliate marketing is easy. You let people know about a particular product or service. If they buy that product or service, through your affiliate link, you are paid a commission.

That is all there is to affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to get up in front of large crowds and give presentations, and you never have to network if you don’t want to.

Spending hours on the phone is entirely up to you, but you never have to speak to another human being again, as far as business is concerned, when you become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

All you have to do is apply to become an affiliate for any number of companies or internet marketers; who own products online, and you never have to speak to anyone.

Approval is not as hard as you may think, because companies are more than happy to have you promote their products, (most preferably digital products) and services.

Then you simply write blog posts, make videos, post to social media, build an email list and promote offers to it, or do any other number of things that you would like to do; to get people looking at your affiliate offers.

I don’t want to overhype the easiness of affiliate marketing, it’s not as easy as you are reading this. You are not only going to do this and do that then … boom! You’re earning a living online already.

WARNING: You Need An Expert Who Is Successful At This To Hold Your Hands and Lead You Through The Path

I am currently taking a course I bought on affiliate marketing from an internet marketer who is doing well at it. I may not be fully into it but the lessons is helping my business to grow.

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing, whether you are an extrovert or introvert, I can recommend a couple of experts you could learn from, depending on your budget and commitment.

No, you cannot get the courses for FREE!

So if you are interested, simply let me know by clicking the link below, I have a surprise waiting, at the other end for you, and you can only find out if you click the button.

I believe with these few tips of mine, I’ve been able to convince you to go out there and rock while networking or to consider affiliate marketing as a remedy to introvertpreneurship.

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